Spring Break Chronicles

*All photos courtesy of Ashley Johnson

Who would’ve ever thought me and the girls would become best friends with Teyana Taylor, Wendy Williams and Anna Wintour over spring break? While everyone was enjoying their hot weather in Miami me and the girls took our vacation to New York for a week. Man, I never would’ve thought I would get tired of pizza. The trip I must say was a great experience. Compared to Chicago I’d say New York can also be know as the second windiest city. The day we landed New York it was so windy and cold. But, I can’t complain I love the chilly weather compared to being out in the hot blaring sun all day, sweaty.

The first stop of our trip was bowling at Frames Bowling Lounge located a few minutes away from Times Square. A few drinks in and I still didn’t make it to first place. The music was great though and they had  tasty apps! Next door was more games and a bar area. They had so many cute photo opps so of course I had to take some!

We visited all over New York-- Brooklyn, Harlem and Soho, where we stayed! The whole city was so beautiful. One of my favorites was a dope spot in Harlem called, Ricardo Steak House we went to after sightseeing all day. The food was so good and you get what you paid for! With great music from everything Hip Hop and R&B, you’re down to have the best night. I ordered the Pinky Swear margarita which was super sweet and was pretty buzzed so the drinks are bomb!  To eat ordered the Ric’s Chick which was  seared chicken  breast, homemade  mashed potatoes, roasted  vegetables, sautéed mushrooms  shallots, chef’s homemade gravy. As this night was ending we finished our food and the baddest, Teyana Taylor walked right by our table and sat behind us. Guessing by the music played it was someone’s birthday in their group. Overall, this day was fun packed and tasty!

(Me and my girls with “Fearless girl”)

New York was full of shopping and by the time it was time to end our trip we had plans to go to the Wendy Williams show. “How you doin?” *in my Wendy voice*. We got to the show by 10 a.m., looking like the  handful of baddies that me and my girlfriends are, and we got front row seats! The show was so fun and full of dancing! Even though Wendy has some personal things going on in her life she slayed the show.

Since it was our last night, and we were staying in Soho, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t go out and explore a little more. Since we all were tired from the Wendy show and all the dancing in the morning, we treated ourselves to milkshakes and cookie dough. After we were done we called a few ubers but we were so exhausted from the day that they all were taking too long and for some reason they all kept canceling. Thank god weren’t far from the hotel. So while we’re walking and not even paying attention a woman walks past us and one of my friends stops and goes, “THAT WAS ANNA WINTOUR!” Believe it or not it was the queen herself. A group of four fashion and journalism girls in Soho walking at night and spot our biggest idol just casually walking down the street? I KNOW! CRAZY! Running around the block like we were trying to catch a bus and not making it obvious we tried to catch up to Anna. But, unfortunately we were too late. Will we meet again in the future? Maybe, maybe not. But I think that was a perfect way to end the last night of our adventures in New York.