Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree at Macy’s Tree Lighting

It may be November 3rd, but that’s not stopping Macy’s on State Street from spreading some Christmas cheer, and it certainly isn’t stopping me either. 

Macy’s held their annual tree lighting in the iconic walnut room on Nov. 2nd, a tradition I will never miss. 

Olivia Deloian

Despite the child literally standing on me to get a view, the entitled mothers giving me dirty looks who think their child deserves a view more than me, and the large crowds—it’s something I look forward to every year and rings in the holiday season. 

Olivia Deloian

This year, they had America’s Got Talent contestant Brian King Joseph as a guest performer, who rocked out to christmas songs on his electric violin. Joseph’s performance and energy wowed the entire 7th floor, and spread Christmas cheer for all to hear.

In addition, Macy’s is decorated to the nines in Christmas decorations, so I made sure to look around at their never ending Christmas trees, also on the 7th floor. In addition, their iconic hanging stars light up the room, and passerby’s can catch their themed windows as they shop for presents. 

Olivia Deloian

Macy’s is a wonderful addition to the Christmas season every year, and to see the tree light up after Chicogoans gather round and count down is so special. It’s a tradition I love and I will continue to go to to ring in the season.