Revamp Your Fall Playlist

It’s officially coming to be that time of the year! The time where we switch from our hot girl summer playlist to our moody girl autumn songs. When the leaves turn from green to the reds and oranges of fall. When the air gets a little colder, apple cider is stocked in all the stores, and our sweaters come out. And as the seasons change, the songs I love to listen to become more acoustic, less pop, and definitely way more emotional. Through years of having my annual Fall Playlist, here are my recommendations for what to add this year!

1. “I Don’t Wanna Be Okay Without You” - Charlie Burg

I discovered this from a friend-of-a-friend’s playlist and fell in love with Charlie Burg’s voice (and even more specifically, this song). It’s a lovely little song that gives me a heart flutter and makes me feel like I should be sitting outside in a cornfield with my (imaginary) boyfriend.

2. “Timshel” - Mumford and Sons

Timshel has been on my fall playlist since probably freshman year of high school. The vocals are absolutely chilling, just like the cold air outside. 

3. “Falling Slowly” - Once, the Musical

I do always manage to slip a song from a musical onto my playlists, but this one is definitely beautiful enough to adapt to everyone’s tastes. It’s a love duet for the ages, and as we near “cuffing season,” it really does become the most listened song on my playlist. 

4. “I Want to Write You a Song” - One Direction

I know, I know. One Direction is “over,”  but this m is the perfect fall album! The acoustic guitars and the low voices of all the guys work perfectly in the playlist, and this song is the cream of the crop! It has the light guitar plucking and the romantic atmosphere that my heart desires in the fall.

5. “Meet Me in the Hallway” - Harry Styles

Harry’s whole album was what I used to listen to every morning on my drive to high school. When the air is cold, hot coffee comes out, and the sweatshirts are worn, something about “Meet Me in the Hallway” makes you feel like you’re a witch in your own little coven. Blast this one while you walk down the street and the fall vibes are sure to hit!

6. “Sick of Losing Soulmates” - dodie

This is one of those songs that make you miss every single one of your exes, but in a nostalgic and good way. It makes me want to sit on a rainy porch and learn how to play the guitar. Or cuddle someone in bed and talk about my feelings all night. This song has always been, and will always be, on my autumn playlist.

7. “Rivers and Roads” - the Head and the Heart

“Rivers and Roads” may honestly be the most autumnal song I can think of. Something about the raw sound makes you feel just like you’re in the studio with them. It’s also somewhat a nice little lullaby with it’s repetitive and flowing lyrics. Absolutely a must-add!

8. “Falling in Love” - Us the Duo

I discovered Us the Duo at a Pentatonix concert in highschool of all places, and boy, am I glad that I did! They’re a married couple (with a newborn at home) and every word they sing oozes love. The whole song feels like a warm and comforting hug, and is necessary for the upcoming cold season.

9. “When We Were Young” - Adele

I think my main theme for my fall playlist is “hopeful loneliness,” because, once again, this song is how I cope with “cuffing season.” Something about the morning chill coming in makes me want to listen to Adele and stare out the train window and just think about my life. The slow, gentle, piano makes me feel calm and collected, and it comes up on my morning commute to work every day of fall.

10. “Guitless” - dodie

This is my most recent find, but one from my favorite artist of all time. It hits home if you can tell what it’s about, and the instrumentals move me in unimaginable ways. You have to add this one.

Those are my 10 recommendations for your 2019 Fall Playlist! Listen, and enjoy!

All images courtesy of Spotify.