Poosh is the Newest, Most Relatable Kardashian Brand You Didn't Know You Needed

Following in her sisters’ footsteps of creating her own empire of a company, Kourtney Kardashian has gone her own path and given us something more than a materialistic product. Her blog-styled website Poosh, named after her daughter Penelope’s nickname, offers an array of articles on the topics of wellness, life, beauty, fashion and home.

Photo Courtesy Poosh

As the oldest sister in the Kardashian-Jenner bunch at 36, Kourtney has plenty of experience in all areas of life. From having kids and being divorced, to traveling the world and designing interior places, she’s an icon of a family member, creative and person. Fortunately for us, she gives us an inside look at how she really does it all and looks good doing it.

Photo Courtesy @poosh

One thing’s for certain: This reality star and businesswoman lives a much more glamorous life than the average (and, let’s face it, the above average) woman. She takes this into consideration when writing content and digs deeper than the actual item and its price. Instead, you’ll read more about the benefits and tips on things, still with links to each and every brand she mentions.

A few of her most popular first articles include “Kris Jenner on What It Takes To Be A Boss,” a video interview with the hardest working manager we all know; “Daily Habits To Lead A More Mindful Life,” focusing on being happy, not perfect by improving basic habits; “How to Look Good Naked,” Kourt’s unleashed secrets on loving yourself undressed; and “Cool Books for Your Coffee Table,” a collection of modern covers to chic up your living room and create conversation.

Photo Courtesy Poosh

Fans have been waiting for Kourtney to launch her own business since all her sisters have come out with their face or name on a product. This is no Kylie Lip Kit or Good American jean, however. There’s no need to purchase anything or worry about how it looks on you. Just sit back with a glass of wine in hand (specifically a Chateau de Breze, as suggested on the site) and scroll through her published reads to enlighten your lifestyle.

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