Podcasts for the True Crime Obsession

 There’s no better way to pass time than listening to the horrifying, unthinkable and gruesome crimes committed throughout history, right? Right?

Okay, confession. I’m obsessed with true crime. To me, there’s nothing more fascinating than an unsolved crime. They’re frustrating, challenging and yes, sometimes a little terrifying. But the unknown keeps me gripped to my seat in front of the television where I watch countless shows like Making a Murderer, Mindhunter and more recently the Ted Bundy Tapes. I’ve been into murder mysteries since I was a little girl reading Nancy Drew, but I’ve since elevated my tastes, watching numerous documentaries, movies, shows and especially, listening to podcasts.

Podcasts are a relatively new way for me to get my true crime fix, but there’s no shortage of them on podcast platforms. Think audiobooks, but more like radio - instead of flipping pages in my mind, I listen to informational podcasts about some of the wildest, darkest crimes in history. I love to learn more about them and dive deeper into the crimes and that’s exactly what I get from podcasts. True crime podcasts are set up in a few different ways - one episode, one crime, or a whole season dedicated to one crime itself, where you can really go down a rabbit hole. Some cases are ongoing, some unfold in real time as the podcast airs, and some remain cold. But if you’re like me (a true crime junkie no matter what), try these podcasts on your next commute or whenever you want to learn something devilishly interesting.

  1. 1. My Favorite Murder

    Now, this one may be a given - I know that this podcast has reached well beyond its listeners, and you may have already heard of it. But, nonetheless, I’d say this is a great place to start if you’re intrigued, though unsure if true crime will keep you up at night. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are a hilarious duo that bring light and comedy to their “favorite” murders throughout history. In each episode, they cover two murders and have tons of laughs along the way. No, seriously - murder doesn’t have to be that dark when it comes to these two.

    Listen now: My Favorite Murder on Apple Podcasts

  2. 2. Last Podcast on the Left

    Another dark comedy podcast! Last Podcast on the Left is one of my favorites for a few reasons. Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski lead a show that is so well researched and fact checked, I know I’m getting the best information on a case that I can. Marcus and Henry focus on the research, while Ben learns along with the viewer, which is a really great to have when your jaw is dropping and someone else is right there with you. Their humor can be a little dark, but I love it. Again, it breaks up the hardness with some laughs. Their episodes focus on one crime, or they stretch one crime/murderer out into several hour plus long parts. If you’re going for well researched and factual while having a little fun, this one’s for you.

    Listen now: Last Podcast on the Left on Apple Podcasts

  3. 3. Dr. Death

    A different style podcast than those already on the list, Dr. Death is a one season podcast that focuses on one man: Christopher Duntsch. Laura Biel challenges the notion that you should always trust your doctor in the most terrifying of ways. Though he claimed to be the best in his field, he often made patients worse - not better. The sheer shock and awe of this story will have you clicking the next episode so fast to find out what happens.

    Listen now: Dr. Death on Apple Podcasts

  4. 4. Casefile

    If you’re into one-off true crime stories, this is the podcast for you. An Australian man choosing to remain anonymous hosts this podcast that tackles a different crime in every episode. It’s best for when you need your fix but can only spare an hour - each episode packs a punch with information. It’s less of a commitment than starting a whole series and it doesn’t leave you hanging or feeling like you need more (though you may Google the case and get lost in it on your own - no promises).

    Listen now: Casefile on Apple Podcasts

  5. 5. Crime Junkie

    As a self-proclaimed crime junkie, I gravitated toward this podcast hosted by Ashley Flowers. 

    In each episode, she covers a new crime, but keeps releasing updates and follow ups to the cases so you’re always kept in the loop if they’re still unfolding. And, shockingly, as true crime lovers know - is a cold case ever really cold when it comes to new DNA technology? She gives you all the pieces of the puzzle.

    Listen now: Crime Junkie on Apple Podcasts

Those are just a few of my favorites to get you started or pique your interest. There are tons more on the Apple Podcasts platform that I’ve listened to and loved. Follow the links to listen now or get started on your next drive through traffic!