Places In Chicago to Switch Up Your Study Space

Tired of your same old Starbucks camp-out to get hours of homework done? And even more tired of doing those hours of homework? If you’re like me, I need a change of scenery to keep me fueled up (along with the coffee, of course) from week to week when doing my assignments.  Luckily, Chicago has given me plenty of different places to plant myself in all day to study or write articles like this one. Switch up your grande-salted-cream-cold-brew routine with these cozy places that have even more to offer.

  1. 1. Goddess and the Baker

    This isn’t just any ordinary coffee shop. Its other menu items include horchata, juices, homemade granola, protein bowls and the prettiest rainbow layered cake. Go for breakfast and stay for dessert! The atmosphere is lively and bright and the music is sure to keep you awake too. Choose from their locations in Millenium Park, the Loop, River North or Riverfront. You’re in for a treat no matter which one you go to.

  2. 2. Maison Marcel

    This French bakery and restaurant in Lakeview brings all your baguette and macaron dreams to life. It looks as though you’ve just stepped into a cafe in the heart of Bordeaux. Not only can you dine-in and enjoy a full course meal, but they also have bite sized plates and a full bar. They even took our college student schedule into consideration and designated an entire table to people who need a space for their laptop and croissants. Sit down with fellow entrepreneurs and get to work. Bon Appetit!

  3. 3. Winter Garden at Harold Washington Library

    For a much quieter space, the Winter Garden at The Harold Washington Library is a hidden treasure you should take advantage of. As there are only a few tables and chairs, you should get there pretty early in the day. Go all the way to the top floor and you’ll see why it was worth setting your alarm for. There are almost no distractions at all— just you, a couple trees and a glass roof that appears endless. It’s almost completely silent besides the occasional echo of a book closing. If I really need to focus on a big project, this is where you can find me.

  4. 4. 3 Arts Cafe

    Although this makes for a perfect date spot, that’s for another night. Connected to the Restoration Hardware Mansion is the stunning 3 Arts Cafe. As classy as it is, people are always doing work there, whether it’s meeting on the linen sofas or setting their computer up on a glossy marble table. You’re sure to feel like a successful businesswoman in this environment which always makes me the most productive.

  5. 5. Chicago Parks

    When you don’t want to spend $7 on a cup of ice and espresso , the Chicago parks will always be there for you. It’s still a switch from your same old bedroom views but doesn’t break the bank to go there. Throw a blanket down, make your own picnic and feel the fresh air swirl through the pages of your notebook. It’s a little less accessible when it starts to get cold, but don’t forget about this free resource right outside your doorstep while it’s there.