New York Fashion Week: How Non-Fashion Icons are Making Their Own Mark at the Shows

It’s no secret high expectations are set for Fashion Week go-ers who have been in the game for years now and know the industry inside out. Although most eyes are on what comes down the runway, the attendees in the seats are still in the spotlight to dress for the occasion and bring their own style to the designated designer’s show. The latest New York Fashion Week, however,  brought a new demographic to the table of those who really showed up and showed out with their fits: those not in a fashion field at all.

From athletes to musicians to actors, fashion icons aren’t the only ones that can pull off a show-stopping look, and they deserve more credit for being able to fit in with the pros. More importantly, with more than just designers, models and influencers being invited to shows, the environment is kept fresh and diverse.

Diversity is an extremely important concept in our world today, including in the fashion scene when it comes to who you have wearing your clothes and who you have in attendance to see your clothes. Not only of their race, gender and body type, but of their role as a celebrity. By keeping a broader range of NYFW attendees, it gains a larger audience and opens up the market to new customers, even if that just means a new view of the footage covered on an Instagram live story.

Photo courtesy E! News

Sports players gave us a whole new vibe to rock with this past week. Usually seen in high-end streetwear on their way to a game, textured suit jackets and lots of patterns were added into their mix which definitely took home a winning trophy.

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is always known for stepping up the game, whether that’s on the football field or in fashion. OBJ attended Tom Ford’s show in a shiny silver suit jacket, with light blue lines throughout, resembling the scales of a fish. Not to mention, he reunited with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton at an afterparty event. Newton wore a brown trench coat with fur around the collar and topped it off with a black hat and bandana tied around the neck.

Photo courtesy Hollywood Life

It’s very impressive men like them can get down and dirty at one hour then classy the next. They are truly living the best of both worlds and do each extremely well.

Sure, actresses and music artists may be used to getting done up for red carpets in a gown and jewelry, but at Fashion Week, it takes a lot more than a single dress to stand out for your style. Putting an entire look together with multiple different layers and elements is what proves one’s artistry at this event.

They also have to take in to consideration what the tone of the show they’re attending is so that they are able to add their own, yet fitting, flair to the room.

This past week gave many celebrities the opportunity to come out of the usual role they play, on the big screen or behind a microphone, and take over the role as their own version of Carrie Bradshaw they’ve always wanted to be.

Speaking of poofy curly hair, Shailene Woodley and Kerry Washington strutted the hairstyle like they invented it.

Olivia Pope has officially left the building and  a new force-to-be-reckoned with has arrived: a striking woman in a silky baby blue high to low tiered skirt, paired with a baby blue sweater. She was both feminine and fierce.

Photo courtesy Us Magazine

Photo courtesy Us Magazine

Singer Rita Ora got all heads turning in an oversized mustard satin dress with  blue leaves scattered throughout and a matching flower larger than her face tied around her neck. Lace peeked out around the trim of the dress which rubbed against her rosy tights seen in her light blue open-toed heels. She somehow turned a runway-esque piece of art into bold evening wear.

Photo courtesy Us Magazine

These are just a few of the many A-listers that wowed onlookers. We hope to see a continuation of this innovative styling from celebrities like them as they don’t often get to dress this way in a creative outlet.

No matter what they may do that earns them the money to wear these high-end designs, everyone has their own outlet of expressing who they are, and New York Fashion Week gave them the opportunity to do it through their clothes. It was interesting to see these people in a new setting we’re not used to them being in, and their outfits proved they have every right to be invited back again and again.