New York City: 6 Must-Try Food Spots

Time Square, fashion week, Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, shopping and most importantly food! New York City is one of the largest cities in the U.S. and attracts almost 62 million visitors a year. This Spring Break I was apart of that 62 million.

I had  never been to New York, and being the avid fashion consumer I am, I had to make the trip. This March, I packed my bags and was ready to take on the concrete jungle.

The architecture was impeccable and the history the city possess was breathtaking. And of course, the fashion was on point. But my favorite part of my entire trip was the food! Here are 6 must-try places the next time you visit NYC.

  1. 1. Joe's Pizza

    It’s no secret that when in New York getting pizza is an absolute must! My girls and I needed a quick bite as soon as we touched down and we stumbled upon this popular gem. Right down the street from our Soho hotel it was a frequent stop for us.

  2. 2. Ricardo Steak House

    In the heart of Spanish Harlem, this bustling urban space was the spot to be during the weekend. But to be honest about how packed it was, I wouldn't be surprised if it’s crowded every day. The DJ was playing all the throwbacks setting the vibe and the food was incredible. A little bit on the more pricey side but I highly recommend the Lobster Ravioli.

  3. 3. Coffee ’n’ Clothes

    A trendy little coffee shop in Manhattan that specializes in designer coffee. Yes, you read that right designer coffee. The pop-up coffee shop serves coffee and pastries. The coffee is stamped with a designer logo. Perfect for your Instagram, not to mention delicious.

  4. 4. Cupping Room

    A cute breakfast spot in Soho that we looked up for a quick bite and it was amazing. A small local eatery that served the best comfort food style breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, toast, etc. All the classics. Nothing crazy, but definitely tasty.

  5. 5. Pannan

    On our last night, we tried this popular Indian restaurant, and let me tell you, the setting was cute and colorful and the staff was so hospitable. It felt as if we had been welcomed into their home and we were served homemade meals. I personally was never a huge fan of Indian food but my experience at Pannan changed my perspective. Highly recommend stopping in!

  6. 6. Wo Hop

    I absolutely love Chinese food and my friend who is from New York always raves about Chinese food and I just had to try it! She was right I was in love with every bite! Right in the heart of Chinatown, it is a perfect spot for a quick bite!

This list barely scratches the surface of all the wonderful places I tried while in New York, but if you haven't been to New York City yet, consider this a starter pack.