My Top 3 Fall Essentials

You can’t have a hot girl summer and no FINE girl fall! In order to do so I always make sure I have a few things to keep me looking good and feeling good once the stressful school semester starts.

1. A fresh set 

One thing I always make sure I do to keep myself looking good and feeling good is a fresh set! I love long coffin shaped nails with the perfect pink or sparkly color. I’m such a girly girl and love these colors on my nails! I go to CNN Nails in Archer Heights, IL. It’s right across from Curie High School. They also have an Instagram where you can see all of their work over the past few years, @cnn_nail_.  

Photo Courtesy Ashley Johnson

These are my fresh set right now.  It’s actually a dip powder instead of color, so  the sparkles were already in the powder base. Don’t forget your toes either ladies! I know they might not be out since it’s getting colder but treat yourself and make sure you keep your nails and toes looking good! 

2. The perfect sweater 

Photo Courtesy Ashley Johnson

Second is a sexy/cute off the shoulder sweater. I have this one with frayed ends from Akira, a boutique in Chicago. It’s super cute and comfy, Plus the shoulders are out leaving me feeling sexy and confident. I can dress this sweater up and down. Date night? Class? Running Errands? This is my go to sweater for fall especially because it’s so versatile. 

I love black and neutral colors for every season! This season is my favorite because it’s the time of the year that these colors are big in clothing stores. Oversized sweaters and  hoodies are my favorite for the fall. 

3. A staple pair of white sneakers

Photo Courtesy Ashley Johnson

Lastly, is a white pair of sneakers. Everyone, in my opinion, needs a fresh white pair. I have all white Adidas Superstars that I pair with my leggings or skinny jeans all the time. The shoes can go with anything though. They’re perfect for back to school and having a pair of sneakers to go with any outfit. The shoes retail at $80.00.