My Most Productive Day Morning Routine

A consistent morning routine constructed around your personal preferences is an essential part to the start having a successful day. It’s important to find the little things that put you in a stable mindset so you can be your most productive self for the hours to come. Everyone’s brain, body and beauty works in different ways, so experiment with what makes you feel the best and follow it like clockwork every time you wake up.

Here is my personalized guide I follow as soon as my alarm goes off. It took a couple weeks to perfect, so follow any of these steps exactly, or edit them to focus on what you need for yourself.

As hard as it can be to stop my phone’s alarm and get up right away, it’s most beneficial if I don’t go through my notifications, messages and timelines right away. Seeing what other people are up to through the internet before I’ve processed what I need to be up to defeats my stamina instantly. I try to wait to scroll and respond at least an hour after getting into my own groove for the morning.

Everyone has their own skincare steps and mine are what I do first thing. My Vanity Planet Skin Spa set is what wakes my face up instantly. No matter the wash you use, it can be put on this brush and spun throughout your pores to deep cleanse and get the blood flowing.

Feeling fresh faced and clean now, I can’t do anything further until I have coffee and breakfast. This usually consists of a toasted bagel with plain cream cheese and a side of fruit which depends on what looked the juiciest at Trader Joe’s that week. I also like to mix up the type of coffee I make to keep the taste interesting and benefits varying. You’ll mainly only ever find a form of iced or cold brew coffee in my kitchen because it tastes more refreshing to me than anything hot. A couple different brands to try are Caffe D’Vita’ Simply Iced Coffee, which instantly forms with a cup of your preferred milk and a scoop of this powder and lasts nearly a month, and Stok Oatmilk Latte Cold Brew Coffee, which takes the oat milk craze to a whole other satisfying level.

Before I take a bite out of my morning [bagel], in fact while I’m making it, I always have The Morning Toast playing in the background. This is the podcast I get one of my many daily doses of pop culture from. Listen to these two millennials if you, too, want to be caught up on all the celebrity drama that happened over night, as well as to get my reference of their iconic motto. To be more inspired and enhance my mind, I’ll then put on The Skinny Confidential podcast. You’ll learn from a power couple all about making power moves and growing your brand, whether it’s a business or personal one.

Once I’m done with this set aside “me time,” it’s time for me to pick out my outfit. Different people have different passions that get them excited, and for me one of them is clothes. I feel my best by dressing my best so I take the time to pick out something that represents that cleary.

That’s all my basic mornings entail and I’ve found this schedule to work perfectly for my own needs. Find things that give you purpose and make you want to move in the morning. A routine like this one doesn’t take much effort, but it’s sure to set a positive tone for the rest of your day.