My Favorite Shops In Chicago

One of my all time favorite thing about Chicago is the diverse shopping scene. Imagine this: it’s a cool 72 degrees, partly cloudy. The sun lightly hits your face as you’re strolling down the sidewalk passing by endless stores. That’s my happy place. Let me take you along with me as I show you my favorite stores to shop in Chicago.

  1. 1. Buffalo Exchange

    I swear,  everyone that works here are the nicest people on earth. As soon as you walk through the doors you’re greeted with nothing but smiles, a warm welcome from an employee and cool music. This shop is a buy, sell and trade store. It’s basically a thrift store where not only you can shop but you can bring in your own clothes that you don’t wear anymore and try to have them buy it from you for either cash or store credit. They buy by-season and look for items that are trendy. For college students, this is a perfect way to make some extra money on the side. Since Buffalo Exchange only buys items that are in good condition and are in season, you know that what you’re buying is always a steal. You can find this store right on Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park.

  2. 2. Oak and Fort

    This is my all time favorite store, hands down. It is also located in the Wicker Park neighborhood. I keep this store a secret because I love it so much. The name of the game is quality. Most of the fabrics are made in South Korea and also assembled there which means that it’s ethical as well. Oak and Fort only sells neutral colors which for a girl that hates color, it’s almost too perfect. If you have a few extra dollars to spend on a great garment, it’s so worth it. You’ll have that garment for such a long time in your wardrobe. Their minimalist styles include clean lines and even better construction. When I wear one of their pieces, it makes me feel like that garment was made for me. They also have a small home section filled with cute marble coasters, glass mugs, cute ceramic vases and so much more. They’re expanding their amazing cosmetics line, so this store will definitely be your one stop shop.

  3. 3. Pogo

    If you love sneakers, this Lincoln Park boutique is the one for you. It’s so stylish and they make you feel super classy even though they’re just selling sneakers. If you want to up your shoe game or just  want the latest shoe, Pogo is the store for you. The store itself has shoes displayed on a hanging shelf right in the center of the store. The whole store is white marble with floor to ceiling mirrors that make the store seem spacious. They have two little rooms at the back of the store for the exclusive items. If you ever buy a pair of shoes from Pogo, you have to take a picture for the gram because this store screams aesthetic with the neon signs and the quilted padded couches.

Be sure to check out these stores if you’re in need of new spots to check out. If you love shopping as much I do, take advantage of this weather and stroll around the city with your girls stopping by these spots. Happy shopping!