Movies to Get You in the Halloween Mood

The Halloween decorations are out, costumes are being planned, and the leaves are falling. What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than to watch some great Halloween movies! So without further ado, here are some movies to put you in the Halloween mood.

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Hocus Pocus

If you weren’t already planning on watching this movie, then it’s time to fit it in your schedule. This is a Halloween CLASSIC that is perfect for everyone. Directed by the infamous Kenny Ortega, the movie is about two sisters and a friend, a book of spells and trying to stop witches from becoming immortal - you will love this movie along with everyone else.

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This is the first of a couple Disney movies on the list, but it is great nonetheless. Starring “Sister Sister” stars Tia and Tamera Mowry - the movie stars a pair of witch twins who were separated at birth and then reuniting and trying to save their kingdom from darkness. If you love this movie, there is a sequel, so the fun can keep going.

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The Addams Family

This is a movie that proves that weird and abnormal can be great, too. The iconic family with eerie ways are great to watch this time of year. It makes you feel like Halloween is a lifestyle, not a holiday. The movie is about Uncle Fester returning to the Addams Family home. When he returns, Morticia doesn’t buy that he’s really her husband Gomez’s brother. When the Addams get evicted from their home, they must try and get back their house and get rid of Fester. It’s a Halloween movie and family drama all in one.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is another cult favorite, just like “Hocus Pocus”. This is a Disney favorite directed by the incredible Tim Burton. With the iconic Jack Skellington - the movie is about the Pumpkin King wanting to be different and branch out from the classic Halloween, so he tries to reinvent Christmas. The soundtrack is great - and you can also watch this during Christmas time, like me.

(PS. If you have no plans on Halloween, the Auditorium Theatre is having a special screening of this movie with the Chicago Philharmonic playing the score/soundtrack. Click here for more info and tickets.)

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Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

This is a great movie if you’re a fan of mysteries. In this movie (which I think is better than the first, but don’t judge me), Scooby and the gang come together again not only to save the town from a new ghost, but they also have to go up against other ghosts and ghouls that they’ve already “unmasked” yet again, all while having a reporter down their throat trying to discredit all of their work. If you’re a fan of the gang or ghosts and ghouls - you’ll love this.

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Another Disney fan favorite. If you love the first one, there are three movies after that - so you’ll be set for a while. When Marnie turns 13 and follows her grandma to her home in Halloweentown - she finds out she’s from a family of witches, is a witch herself and has to save her grandmother’s town from being destroyed. The movie has different Halloween treats to fit everyone - ghosts, skeletons and spells galore.

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It’s the Great Big Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

This is a simple cartoon if you want to watch with younger relatives or just be nostalgic. This is a Charlie Brown and peanuts special where Charlie and his friends are celebrating Halloween while Linus is waiting for the arrival of the great big pumpkin. It’s simple, but really cute and fun that you’ll love.

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This one is fantastic for this time of year and makes for a great costume. The story is about a couple who dies in a car accident and is stuck as ghosts in their home. When a mom and teenage daughter buy the home, they want them gone. They attract a “spirit” by the name of Beetlejuice, and it turns from helping them into a danger for all. This a favorite by many and one that you’ll love watching. If you’re a fan of Winona Ryder or Michael Keaton - you’ll love seeing them in this movie.