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Warning: major spoiler alerts ahead!

For those of you who are apart of The Bachelor nation, we had two days of serious confusion, heartbreak, and shock. Mainly it felt as if you were going through the break-up instead of Becca.

For those of you who don’t know what the heck is going on, this is all you need to know…Arie (the bachelor) had to choose between Becca or Lauren. He told both of them that he loved them and carried on about “how he couldn’t make up his mind” and that he’s in love with them both!  What should he do, ugh.

Even Bekah M. (during After the Final Rose) said that if he’s this confused now then he shouldn’t propose. Well after many dramatic scenes of him looking out into the distance, he finally made his decision. First, Lauren came out and if you know The Bachelor well, then you know the first girl always goes home. He let Lauren go and cried as the car pulled away.

He then got down on one knee and proposed to Becca. It was like so many other Bachelor proposals, over the top, a little crazy, and in a beautiful location. What could go wrong this time?


Arie told Becca (while they were in engaged) that he still had feelings for Lauren and even asked Becca if he could call up Lauren and talk about how he was feeling?? Yeah, I’m as shocked as you.

Sweet Chris Harrison then informs us that the last hour is completely unedited. Arie tells us how he can’t be with Becca, that he must be with Lauren and so it’s time for him to end the engagement with Becca. Insert the biggest eye roll ever!

The whole unedited hour was of poor Becca being caught completely off guard with Arie breaking up with her and Arie not listening to anything she tells him. Becca treated the news like we all would…well at least as we would if we knew cameras were filming and all of America was going to judge us.

She walked off and declined Arie’s many attempts to try to “talk it out” or “comfort her.” He wouldn’t leave her alone! Then, Chris brings out Becca to talk about what just happened and THEN Chris pulls our heartstrings again and tells us there is a part two to all of this!

The next day showed Arie having a drawn out panic attack before telling Lauren how he feels and making us expect Lauren was going to open the door in disgust (which she should’ve), but instead, our screens were met with a long embrace, only to later decide to get back together.

Becca’s friends, older contestants of the Arie’s season, sat down with Chris and spilled the tea on how it was all planned out and Arie’s freak out wasn’t real because he knew Lauren already wanted to get back together. Bekah M. again says it best when asked about what she wishes for Lauren, “I hope Lauren gets out of there as soon as possible.”

Then to make things even worse, Becca finally gets to sit down with Arie after the break-up, she tells him that he told her he was super confident about how he felt about her and their engagement but then goes and dumps her on live television? This is why girls have trust issues!!

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THEN Arie and Lauren sit down with Chris and share their side of the story, which is very irrelevant but then Arie brings Lauren to front stage and PROPOSES!!!

While that is still getting adjusted in our brains, Chris finally shares to us who the next bachelorette is….and it’s Becca!

So, with a rollercoaster of emotions, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that our girl Becca will get a shot at love again. Just like Tia said, “I feel like a proud mom.”

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