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Meet Christian “DJ Kave” Tooley

To be a DJ you have to hold skill, creativity and have the keen instinct of knowing exactly what the audience wants when the audience wants it. Christian “DJ Kave” Tooley, 21, has the unique ability to combine different programs together at one time, syncing them with one another and captivating the audience.

“This allows me to have a much broader reach in techniques I can use,” says Tooley. “I also customize all of my MIDI instruments to my own specifications, so they are completely mine. I utilize different built-in FX to create suspense in the audience and eventually build that suspense up to a climax.”

He also combined his production skills into live performances. His production skills mostly consisted of making up drum rhythms, synth patterns and FX modulations on the fly.

“Once I combined those skills with the live performances, there was no turning back for me,” says Tooley.

Tooley is an audio major at Columbia College but was raised in Atlanta. His mother was very young when he was born and they fell upon tough times because of it.

“I believe it was part of this experience that made me who I am,” he says. “I learned that in order to achieve my goals I had to be motivated and persevere.”

His family and friends has been nothing short of supportive of his passion to be a part of music.

“I owe them a great deal for that,” he says.

As a young boy he loved to read and write music and he wanted to be a computer programmer, but at 16 he became interested in digital music.

After he turned 17 he began mapping and creating his own MIDI instruments, and at 19 he began performing his music live.

He love all types of music and all genres, but he focuses more on electronic and the genres that electronic dance music holds under it's umbrella, from tech-house to the new wave of electro-house. And he DJ's all kinds of parties ranging from top 40 to hip hop.

“My favorite events would have to be electronic or dubstep,” he says. “Those are, by far, the best because as a DJ I feel I have a more deeper connection with my audience. It allows you to build up your audience's energy and then release it all with a sick drop.”

He struggled with creating his own style at one point and as an artist that's something that you have to possess. Despite that struggle, he overcame it. He DJ's with an originality that built him a reputation back home in Atlanta.

“I've spun at some of the coolest spots in that town, its a way different scene out there!” says Tooley. “Last year, the biggest event I had in Chicago had 2,000 people attend.”

After graduation Tooley wants to pursue a career in music, performance or as a recording artist.

“Right now I am unsigned, but I would be open to signing to the right label. If I don't want to pursue that, then I would probably start my own entertainment company.”

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