Marina’s Comeback: Handmade Heaven Setting the Tone for Her Revamped Career, and it’s a BOP

We used to know her as Marina and the Diamonds and Electra Heart (R.I.P), but 4 years later she’s sans “and the Diamonds.”  She’s back and here to serve us all the bomb music she’s been curating. Although she’s changed her alias, her music comes the furthest from shorthand.

After being unhappy with the music industry and being an artist, she’s come back stronger than ever with this single. “Handmade Heaven” is the second single she released in anticipation for her upcoming album to be released this month named, “Love and Fear.” Marina superfan and editor of Superlove Magazine, Arturo Magallanes, supports Marina’s musical career revamp by saying, “Handmade Haven has to be Marina’s most powerful comeback yet.” He continues, “[It’s a] very similar energy that came from Froot,” Marina’s last album she released in 2014 before her hiatus. Photo Courtesy Spotify

Within the past week, Marina has released two singles, one of them being the slow  pop/ballad mix, “Handmade Heaven”. The song opens straight away with her enchanting melodic voice as the low synth follows her lead. She sings about being lost in her own world with her lyrics reading, “I carry along a feel of unease/ I want to belong like birds in the trees,” these lyrics hit home for many that are dealing with feeling of not fitting in the world you were placed in.

With singing this song, Marina creates her own paradise to escape and feel happiness and has a place she can go to when she’s feeling down. This song encourages the listeners to create their own version of heaven while reminding them that happiness and a sense of belonging is achievable for anyone. It also touches on being one with nature and feeling it’s calmness within yourself. It’s a song that many can relate to, connecting her fans in a way many other artists don’t even think about doing.

Photo Courtesy Twitter

Along with the single,“Handmade Heaven,” Marina also released an accompanying music video. In this setting, Marina is in the middle of a wintery forest standing out in a all red ensemble in a bright red puffer coat and matching red velvet pants. Her makeup is simple and plain with a pop of color from her rosy cheeks and red lipstick. The music video sells her fantasy of her paradise escape with impeccable visuals that can’t help but draw you in as she enchants you.

Photo Courtesy Document Journal

Marina is set up to tour the country in 18 different cities coming this September.

Magallanes can’t get over her strong comeback song and roots for her success, “It’s beautiful, energetic, yet refreshing and spacious—giving a sense of relief,”  he said. “It was worth the four year wait.”