Live Love Polish

A few months ago, my mom discovered Live Love Polish, a beauty brand that sells hundreds of gorgeous nail polishes. They have a large variety of different and fun colors, from chrome and magnetic to color changing. That’s right, I said color changing. It was this collection that got my mom and I addicted.

I know there have been other companies who sell nail polishes that react with temperature and change from, for example, light pink to dark pink. However, Live Love Polish has a ton to choose from and the color pairs aren’t always in the same color family. For instance, All Her Kind Designs (my favorite so far) changes from “gray-mauve” to “pink lemonade”. No two colors are alike, which makes them very unique and I always find myself excited to paint my nails. Did I mention (almost) every polish is glittery?

Photo Courtesy Live Love Polish

Aside from their temperature reactive nail polishes, I also love their metallic and glitter. Usually, brands that sell metallic polish confuse it with chrome. One thing I love about their metallic polishes is that they shimmer and they sparkle.

Polishes from Live Love Polish go on smoothly, never leaving any streaks. I’ve also recently noticed they dry quickly, although when they dry, it’s almost a matte finish. But no need to fret, one top coat application brings out the sparkle and makes your nails shine as bright as ever. There are, however, two cons about the polish: they’re a tad bit pricey and extremely addictive (I have over 40 and I just recently ordered more…). Luckily, it seems Live Love Polish has a new sale every week, and I don’t mind spending a little extra due to the quality of the nail polish.

One last thing that I love about this brand: they just recently brought out the Pups & Paws Collection, partnering with the Vanderpump Dog Foundation. 100% of the proceeds, with their goal being $20,000, goes toward the foundation. There are six signature polishes, some of them named after adorable rescues, each one pretty and unique. Click the link to see for yourself, and help make the world a better place for the cute pups!

Photo Courtesy Live Love Polish