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If you don’t know Lizzo- I feel sorry for you. Her music changes your life. It’s like if Beyonce were a real human (and not the angel and god she is), but she can twerk, belt out a tune and play the flute all at the same time. “Cuz I Love You” is not her first musical endeavour, but now that she’s become popular, all eyes were on her for this album. And she lived up, no, exceeded all expectations.

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“Cuz I Love You”

An epic start to one of the most amazing albums I have heard. The beat switches from making you want to bounce around the room to screaming a powerful and dramatic ballad on a stage constantly. The words “I’m crying cuz I love you” are genius and relatable- making it the perfect title to the album as well.

Best Lyric: “I thought that I didn’t care, I thought I was love impaired”

“Like a Girl”

Lizzo is out here, making statements about our political climate. She cleverly turns the demeaning phrase “throw like a girl” into what will be considered the new female empowerment anthem of our time. She’s telling all girls to fight and run the world like a girl, bringing a whole new power to the phrase.

Best Lyric: “Woke up feeling like I just might run for president, even if there ain’t no president”


This song skyrocketed her popularity- she appeared on Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon’s shows with this song. It’s what I’d consider a modern “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!” It’s quirky, relatable and has geniusly written lines such as “somebody come get this man, I think he got lost in my dms.” “Juice” is all about just having fun on a night out and being 100%  completely yourself.

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Best Lyric: “I’m not a snack at all, baby I’m the whole damn meal”


This song meets all rap fans needs (almost like if Nicki Minaj could also sing!!) It’s about loving yourself, being your own soulmate and finding ‘true love’ on your own before you search for it in the real world. It’s chock full of lyrics that I can already see people getting tattooed. Lizzo just really wants you to love yourself and the lady you are!

Best Lyric:  “I know I’m a queen but I don’t need no crown”


After the constant bops of the first four songs, this song is a necessary ballad. It’s all about being in what she refers to as a “situationship” with a f***boi who you’re into but who you know you can’t get involved with. It’s a powerful song about knowing your worth and being aware when your fling isn’t grown up enough to get into a relationship with (something a lot of us don’t seem to realize until it’s too late).

Best Lyric: “Who told you that you stood a chance with this royalty?”

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This is an even more powerful ballad than the song before it. It’s raw, strong and perfectly describes when you’re crying to a boy because you love him but something isn’t right. It’s a hard emotion to come by, but Lizzo says she “don’t need to apologize” for crying, which is something we should all strive to live by.

Best Lyric: “I don’t need to apologize, us big girls gotta cry.”


Now, not only is this Lizzo’s gorgeous voice, but the majority of it actually features Missy Elliot. The perfect throwback female icon with an up and coming icon. Prepare to hear this song in the clubs, as the beat is infectious. She’s singing about how she needs a fast beat to twerk everything God gave her! It’s about body acceptance and empowerment for bigger gals.

Best Lyric: “Thick thighs save lives, call me little buttercup”

“Exactly How I Feel”

One of the modern rappers was thrown in on this song, Gucci Mane. An unexpected pairing, but a fun one nonetheless. This song is just a classic bop of owning your feelings and unabashedly speaking your mind. What can be better than that?

Best Lyric: “Can’t hold back my tears, that would be a crime, ‘cause I look pretty crying”

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“Better In Color”

This song is genius. Love shouldn’t be a defined thing, with certain genders, sexualities, races or reasons— it shouldn’t be black and white. Love is “better in color.” It’s just a fun song, celebrating sex and love for everyone, not just a few people’s romantic lives .

Best Lyric: “It's dark under the covers, but love looks better in color”

“Heaven Help Me”

This song is completely relatable. In a perfect world, we would be able to love ourselves and keep calm at all times. But is that realistic? No! This song is a mix of rap and beautiful screaming notes that perfectly match the frustrating feeling of not being able to contain yourself.

Best Lyric: “If you think you got me dickmatised, I need to get you out of my life”


Let me just say, no song makes me feel sexier than this at the moment. It has a slow R&B feel to it while talking graphically (but beautifully) about waiting for someone to come home to see you in your lingerie… and act accordingly. Lizzo has said before that she has never been comfortable writing sexy songs, and says that this one made her blush! I’d recommend listening to this song alone in a mirror while wearing your favorite set of lingerie— get sexy just for you.

Best Lyric: “I don’t got no secrets you don’t know, these panties are see through, I’m exposed”

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If there is anything you take away from this Lizzo review, it should be: GO LISTEN TO LIZZO RIGHT NOW!

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