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Katy Nielsen

Ms. Katy is a student-at-large and an editor at The Chronicle and we must say she's a woman of many talents. She enjoys figure skating, flying on the trapeze and playing tennis and so much more. 

Katy enjoys coffee from Cafecito and entrees from Panera and is always traveling different places to practice her athletic abilities.  Katy is also a fan of MTV's Jersey Shore, she dressed as  Snooki for Halloween as part of a volunteer effort to teach youth how to fly on the trapeze. 

Shardae is a senior journalism major and honor student at Columbia College Chicago, class of 2011. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Shardae considers Lake Michigan and its surrounding land to be her "backyard." In addition to being a Campus Corresponent for HerCampus.com, she's an Assistant Campus Editor for The Chronicle, Columbia's newspaper.  She also writes for Gloss Magazine Online and is also an intern for Special K at 103.5 Kiss FM. Shardae is an avid reader of celebrity gossip blogs, and believes news is just organized gossip. She is also the mother of a one-year-old daughter and would like to show other young women that all the above can be achieved. Shardae is extremely excited about graduation next spring, and plans to wear her cap and gown for an entire 24-hours after the ceremony. Her favorite thing to do is eat and her passion is writing, she hopes to one day work for Food Network magazine.
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