Inexpensive Ways to Spoil your Man for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and the intimidation of finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend without breaking the bank can be overwhelming. But fear not, ladies! I have a variety of presents that will make for a romantic and giving V-day that can treat yo man and save your bank account. Who said Valentine’s day had to be expensive?

No. 1 - A framed picture of the two of you


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No matter how long you’ve been together, a picture frame of the two of you is always a perfect gift that keeps you together even when you’re apart. I bought mine at Target for $6.00 and ran to Walgreens for some prints which are always a steal. Because we’re a long-distance couple during the school year and while he’s away at an internship--this was a perfect gift for our V-day which also doubles as our anniversary. I included a variety of photos for him to switch them out too, and a bag of chocolates. Now our pictures are on his desk at work as a little reminder that I’m always there, and your photos can serve as the same reminder for your boo.

No. 2 - Mason jar with love notes


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Head out and grab a cute mason jar to decorate, or clean out and re-use an old jar if you’re trying to be cute AND eco-friendly. After you have your chosen piece, decorate it however you please and fill with “open-when” notes. For instance, “open when you miss me,” notes or “open when you’re sad.” Not only are these incredibly thoughtful, it’s something he can open throughout the year when he needs a little boost and it serves as a reminder that you’re there for him. And who doesn’t love having a note to always look forward to?

No. 3 - Date night coupons


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You can either create them on your own or print them out, date-coupons are an adorable and fun way to spice up your dates throughout the year including on Valentine’s Day. Include the favorite dates you like to go on, like ‘Good for a trip to the movies’ or ‘Good for an ice cream date.’ Another gift that keeps on giving and shows your boo he is appreciated.

No. 4 - Make him dinner with a movie


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Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to mean going out to an expensive restaurant. Instead, get dressed up to stay in. Set up a table with a candle, and have a romantic candlelight dinner at home. Surprise him with his favorite food—or if you have a favorite dish together—make that for the win. Throw on a movie after, and you have the perfect romantic night in.

No. 5 - Make him a mixtape


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Whether it be a Spotify playlist in this modern day and age, or a literal mixtape—my 80’s-movie-heart will always have a place for this romantic and vintage gesture. I personally have a Spotify playlist strictly dedicated to all of “our song’s,” and giving your man music as a gift is something he will appreciate and the both of you can enjoy together. Just throw on your favorite songs and reminisce in the love of nostalgia.

No matter what you decide to get or create for your boo, I know he’ll appreciate the time you’ve taken just to make the holiday special for the both of you. Have a fun, safe and romantic V-day!