I Went Wedding Dress Shopping with My Mom, and She Was the Bride

I, like most girls, look forward to the day I get to go to a shop and pick out the perfect white dress along with my closest friends and of course, my mom. I imagine it feels just like playing dress-up with the girls when we were little and putting on a fashion show for our parents. I recently got to experience this memorable moment in life, however the roles were flipped: my mom was on the runway and I was the audience member.

My mom got engaged over the summer and I had been excited to start planning ever since she said “Yes.” From the venue, to the colors, to most importantly, what she’s going to wear, I couldn’t wait to see everything come together for her big day. Being her second wedding, I can’t believe I actually get to be a part of this stage in her life and be there when she says “I do.”

My mom scheduled an appointment for us at a local gown shop while I was home during a break from school. Just the two of us went which made it so special and probably less nerve racking not having multiple opinions shouted at her.

She knew exactly what details she did and did not want on her dress, which made it easy to narrow down. No train, sheer sleeves and a champagne or rose color. It’s no doubt she looked beautiful in every one she tried on, but we were both on the same page for some that didn’t look the way she wanted them to. Although I loved the one with shiny and sparkly embellishments, it was definitely a dress that I would wear to my own wedding. I had to remind myself multiple times throughout the fitting that it was not for a 20-something-year-old who still wears bodysuits and parties all night. Although my mom looks and acts just as young at heart, her ideal wedding dress is obviously different from mine.

The moment she stepped out of the dressing room in what ended up being “the one,” I knew it was made for her. She was way more comfortable in it than the glitzy gown and it showed. My mom set a perfect example for me as she tried to hold back tears of joy. I know I'll be ready for my turn when I get that excited thinking about my big day with someone who makes me just as happy. Constantly looking in the mirror and smiling, she announced that she was done looking any further.

Courtesy Ally Stegman's iPhone

My first time going to a bridal shop with my mom was completely different than I ever imagined it would be. I honestly figured I would be the one trying on dresses. This day, however, is one I’ll never forget and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Playing fashion critic, maid of honor and daughter all in one made it very interesting and fun. Luckily, my mom and I share a very close bond, so we could be honest and comfortable through the whole process. I love that I was able to be a part of picking out her wedding dress and I cannot wait until everyone else sees it.

Now that we found the dress for the most important person at the wedding, it’s time to figure out what I’m going to wear . . .