How to Snap Pictures at Disney World Like a Queen

*All photos courtesy of Merry Marshall

They don’t lie when they say that Disney is the happiest place on earth. It’s truly full of magic, from the very first steps into the park to the very last ride. Of course, half the fun is taking a million pictures to look fondly back at when you leave. These are my tips and tricks to getting the best photos at Disney World!

1. Get to the park early!

The parks open at 9:00 am on the spot. Generally, access to the entire park doesn’t open right away. They let the earlycommers wait in the little area in front of the castle. This is the PERFECT time to take all of your castle photos. The crowds are generally small early in the morning, the lighting is normally subtle, and you can experiment with different spots while you wait for the park to be unlocked!

2. If you want a nice backdrop of the castle, go to the left!

Most people want a photo of themselves right in front of the castle, but there are better (and more unique) angles. I’ll tell you my favorite one right now. If you’re standing in front of the steps of the castle, walk to your left until you’re by an arch and a lamp post. Take photos from a lower angle and experiment with how far you are from the actual castle. Take the classic pictures too, of course, but for those perfect throwbacks in the upcoming months when you miss Disney, snap these photos to keep around and get your instagram to look fresh!

3. Wear a neutral outfit!

You could, of course, go the opposite way of thinking and dress in beautiful and bright colors. You could even Disney Bound, and dress up subtle to resemble a character! But to get the most out of pictures, and to give you the chance to repost them to your feed without it looking repetitive, wear a neutral outfit. I’m talking black, white, grey, denim, or a single color dress of some sort. Pick an outfit that looks good with any backdrop, makes you feel confident, and can keep you cool!

4. Take the time to meet the characters!

This isn’t important to everyone. While I don’t understand that, I can respect it. I’ve been known to stand for upwards of an hour in a line just to have a 3 minute interaction with a princess. I think it’s magical, and not only does it create a wonderful memory, but it allows for awesome pictures as well! Get the Disney park app to track where your favorite characters will be and when! There are always princesses somewhere in the park, but my recommendation is to find the men. My personal favorite is Gaston- he is perfectly hilarious and always tries to flirt a little! (Hot Tip: Flynn Rider is not available for photos in Disney World, don’t waste your time trying to find him like I did the first time)

5. Take candids of the people you’re with!

Trust me. You want all the posed photos in front of the castle and with the princesses, but candids are the cutest thing to have. Snap pictures when you’re eating all the food, or waiting in line, or just hanging in the park. Someone is always smiling at something, or is near a great picture spot and doesn’t know it. Capture the random magic of Disney, because the friends and family that you’re with will thank you for it later!

6. Take a million sunset photos!

The castle and the rest of the brilliantly designed buildings look beautiful at all times, but especially at sundown. Stick around the whole day to watch the sun set behind Cinderella’s castle, and snap as many pictures as you can (No shame if you cry during it).

The most important thing to remember on your day in the parks is to allow yourself to experience the joy of Disney. The perfect pictures are just the icing on the cake. Use your day in the park to be with your friends and family, make memories, go on all the rides, eat all of the wacky and adorable food, and have a magical trip!