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If you clicked on this, you’re probably someone who is tired of their current look. You need a fresh beginning, and I get that. As someone who has switched up their styles and added new ones, I’ve got some advice for you.

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  1. Make Room in Your Closet

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Clear out a few hours on your day off. Look through all the  clothes in your closet and throw all the ones that don’t embody what you’re trying to go for on your bed. Basically any of your items that don’t spark joy, shoutout to Marie Kondo, get rid of them. . Keep your essentials though! 

  1. $ell


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With those clothes, you’re going to try and sell them! My favorite places to sell are Buffalo Exchange, Crossroad Trading Co. and Plato’s Closet. They are are a gold mine. For the clothing items that they buy from you, you’ll get a percentage paid back to you. For example, at Buffalo Exchange, they give you 30% of their selling price in cash and 50% in-store credit. Pro-tip: ask to look around first before you decide on which option you want to choose. 

What’s great about these stores in particular is that they only buy in-season and what is in style at that time. It’s much more curated than a normal thrift store. You’ll find a diamond in the rough and for a lower price than retail stores.  

If you end up finding something you like, you can use that in-store credit. You can either ask for the rest in cash or save the rest of your trade credit for another day. 

  1. Follow Fashion Influencers on Social Media 

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Before you go out and buy hundreds of dollars in new clothing, start with a plan. I know you’re scrolling through Instagram at night. If you’re not already following your fashion inspirations on Instagram, do it now! If you don’t have any, a quick way and fun way to find them is through the explorer page and clicking on the “Style” category at the top. Save your favorite looks to a fashion folder so you can easily find them for later. 

Most, if not all, these influencers have tags on where each of their clothing items is from. That will be really helpful to find stores that cater to the specific style you’re going for. 

After you finish all these steps, REPEAT. I’ve used this method of changing up my style since high school and I believe it’s the quickest, and easiest, way to incorporate new looks and styles to your wardrobe without drowning in piles of clothes. Most importantly, have fun with it. Don’t feel like you have to follow these styles to a T. Mix them up and create your own unique look. Good luck! 

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