Halloween Party as a First Date: Fantastic or Frightening?

Halloween is literally right around the corner. But even during a spooky time like this there is always space for love and romance. With all the Halloween and costume parties coming close, you may think of that as an option for a first date. But is that the greatest idea? Should you skip a party and stick to the usual or reschedule? Well, have no fear. Here are the pros and cons to going to a Halloween/costume party on a first date.

Pro: You Learn About Them Just With Costumes

Everybody always puts in a little effort into their costume, no matter what anyone thinks. You have to put SOME kind of thought into it, no matter how simple or how easy or fast you pulled it together. Because of what these people choose to put on, you may get to know them a bit without even having to ask them any questions. Not to mention costumes are a good conversation starter.

Con: No Intimate Conversations

Not many people go to parties to get to know someone and learn about their interests - you go to have fun and let loose - especially at costume parties. Between the music, the lights and the people going crazy and having fun, you may find it difficult to get to know someone and have a conversation. The struggle to find somewhere to talk and get to know someone may be small and you’ll be more focused on wanting to go dance and be with your friends, not talking about what you do for a living and hobbies.

Pro: You See Them in a Social Setting

The more you can learn about someone early on, the better in some cases. And this may be a great example of that. Most likely if you’re going to a Halloween party, you’re going to have some friends at that same party. Your date will be able to hang out with your friends, get to know them, see how they interact and you get to see how they are when alcohol, people and music is involved. Depending on how they act - it may be a checkmark or a red flag for you.

Con: They May Not Be Themselves

Or maybe they’re VERY much themselves. Who knows? Social settings can make people act differently - just like how you act different with your friends as opposed to your family. The same situation might apply here for BOTH sides of the spectrum. What I mean is this: they might be themselves on another level and be too much (like the one who loves to drink that goes overboard and acts crazy) or they might put too good of a foot forward and not really tell you anything about themselves. It may not be the greatest place to get to know someone.

Pro: No Pressure Like the Average First Date

Whenever it comes to a date, there’s always some typical worries. What am I going to wear? Should I wear makeup? Is this casual or fancy? With a Halloween or costume party, all those extra thoughts are thrown out the window. You already have your costume set up and you don’t have to worry about those because it’s picked up for you already. You can do what you want however you want and it’s all okay.

Con: Potential Stranger Danger?

If the person you are going on this first date with is a COMPLETE stranger to you, then you might be a little more cautious than usual. You might be thinking about their drink consumption as well as yours, wondering how they’re going to act about taking you home and feeling awkward. If you’re thinking about these things and you’re still in that awkward phase, you might be really awkward during the date and not enjoying yourself or the party - which defeats the whole purpose. The whole point is to have fun, let loose and enjoy a good date and party.