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A Gift Guide for the Clueless

I pride myself on gift giving, honestly, I’m like the millennial Monica Geller, I’m always on top of it and I love giving gifts! My birthday is this week so in bday spirit, I decided to help y’all out with buying gifts for your friends for any time! (no this is not a hint of anything I would like…but if you’re feeling generous feel free.)

Gifts for the Beauty Guru

Beauty blender – These are always great because they always need to be replaced! (image from Sephora)

Becca highlighter trial size – This is so perfect because it’s cheap and its a duo! It’s also travel size which makes it perfect for on the go! (image from Sephora)

Face masks – Honestly, these have become all the rage and there are so many options and they’re usually really cheap so stock yourself and your friend up on masks!

Gifts for the Fashion Lover

Sunglasses – The perfect gift for around summer time, they can be cheap sunglasses to replace the ones your friend is constantly losing or it can be a splurge gift for the bestie who needs some cool sunnies! (Image from urban outfitters)

Belt bag – Another fad that would make a great summer time gift is a belt bag! It’s the updated fanny but fashionable for on the streets and at festivals. (image from Urban Outfitters)

Phone case– Its something people typically forget about, but you carry around your phone everywhere, you mind as well make it pretty to look at!

Gifts for the Homebody

Candles – I feel like this is a gift you really can never go wrong with, they scent your house and set the mood. (Image from Urban Outfitters)Mugs – If you’re a homebody then your probably sippin’ some hot coco or some tea, get your friend a fancy new mug! (image from Etsy)

Air plants – They’re the cute little plants that are easy to maintain!

Gifts for the Friend on the Go

Personalized Luggage Tags or Passport Holder – I love this because you know which luggage is yours and it’s just cute to have your initials on all your shit, it’s like “this is mine, this is mine, oh and this is also mine!” and makes it easy to keep track when you over pack! (image from Nordstrom)

Packing Cubes/Travel Jewelry Case– packing jewelry sucks because it gets all tangled so buy your friend a travel jewelry box! Your friend can be OCD or messy AF but they will always need packing cubes!

Stock them up with travel sized goodies– Because 1. Who doesn’t like tiny shampoos? and 2. The practical size of it fitting in your carry on luggage and not having to throw stuff out at security.

That Guy Friend that you Never Know What to Buy

Bluetooth Headphones– Because what human do you know that doesn’t listen to music?

Workout Stuff– This works for girls and guys, getting something new to work out in, is just motivation in itself!

Gift cards– Worst comes to worst, just let them know, hey I was thinkin of ya on your special day! This is also quicker than wasting time shopping just for them to return it and now they can go pick out shit they will actually use.

Ps. Don’t forget a card!

Mia Borowski

Columbia Chicago

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