Galentine's Day Party Galore!

Who said you need to have a date on Valentine’s Day to have fun? In this day and age, it’s very few. Hanging out with the girls is always fun - especially when you get to go to an event and let loose. And that’s exactly what we did. Hala, Ally and I from Her Campus Columbia Chicago got the chance to go to a Galentine’s Day Party hosted by Brideside and we had an absolute blast.

From rose petals on the stairs showing you the way into the room to their showroom full of beautiful decorations, it was nothing short of a pink and red masterpiece. There was a lip bar where you could add whatever color lipstick your heart desired - even mixing shades with makeup artist Torie Conn. They had a braid bar where you could get your hair styled by the fantastic Kasia Pokorski (who does blowouts, makeup and specialty hair styling). There were dresses displayed for brides and bridesmaids to look at and gather some inspirations (which were all stunning).

There were two sweets tables full from a chocolate fountain,  donuts, cereal and even more sweets around the entire room. We got to take pictures in  the photo booth - which were turned into take-home magnets by the way. They had some incredible balloons that were definitely instagram-worthy from Paris 312 and beautiful flower arrangements from Hedonia Flowers. They served drinks from wine, to water, to champagne with pink cotton candy which created a really fun, sweet drink. And the DJ from Sound MVMT tied it all together with girl power music and raffles from all the people at the event for a really fun time.

Us three ladies got to hang out, embrace the night as single girls out on the town and get pampered for a couple hours. Valentine’s Day is fun when you’re dating or with a significant other, sure. But spending a night with the ladies with no cares and just focusing on yourselves? Now that’s a good time.

Valentine’s Day can always be a tricky day for single people because no matter where you go - restaurants, Instagram, the streets and wherever else you can think of - you always seem to find couples pulling out all the stops, making all of us singles notice even more. I always wondered what it would be like to go out on a date for Valentine’s Day - but going out with my girls and just living life was one of the best decisions I made. I’m so glad that I’ve surrounded myself with an amazing group of girls to spend time with, because having a boyfriend isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. So I’ll enjoy the single life now and wait for the right guy to come around whenever he does.

So thanks to Brideside for having us at the party! We had a such a great time. Happy Valentine’s Day to all those that celebrated. And to all the single ones out there, we hope your Galentine’s Day was the greatest one yet with all of the girl squad!