Foreign Correspondent Christiane Amanpour Trades War in for Sex and Love in New CNN Series

This March, CNN debuted famed foreign-correspondent Christiane Amanpour’s new series “Sex & Love Around the World.” The series’ topic is a huge departure from Amanpour’s usual reporting on war-torn countries.

“Sex & Love Around the World” is a six-part series that premiered March 17 on CNN. The series follows Amanpour around the world to countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East as she explores the complex nature of intimacy in different cultures.

Photo courtesy of CNN Pressroom

“Whether single and dating in Accra, married and sexless in Tokyo, inspired by ancient erotica in Beirut, or transgender in Shanghai,” CNN Pressroom writes, “women and men are all pushing the boundaries on sexual satisfaction, consent, and connection.”

Amanpour is a British-Iranian journalist working as the Chief International Correspondent for CNN, host of the CNN television program “Amanpour,” and a Global Affairs Anchor for ABC News. Amanpour began her career in journalism covering the Iran-Iraq war for CNN in 1983. Since then, she has covered countless wars in countries all over the world spanning decades of her career. Her reporting made her an inspiration for Rory Gilmore on the TV show “The Gilmore Girls,” starring Alexis Bledel as an aspiring journalist.

Photo courtesy of Jill Hayes’ blog

“The idea came to me in the bathroom,” Amanpour writes on CNN. Amanpour had been brushing her teeth and getting ready for work while listening to a report on Syrian refugees setting up camps on the border. She wondered how Syrian refugees could maintain their marriages, love lives, and sex lives in “flimsy tents and metal containers.” She wondered why she hadn’t wondered this in her close-to three decades of war reporting.

This led Amanpour to create the CNN series “Sex & Love Around the World” where Amanpour found that girls and women all over the globe crave intimacy, love, marriage, and sex just like any Western woman does. She also found the underbelly: a presence of sexless marriages, infidelity, patriarchy, and loneliness.

“Sex & Love Around the World” is an intelligent, eye-opening look into the sex lives of people in cultures all around the world, with Amanpour as our mystified, entertained, out-of-her-wits, yet totally knowledgeable tour guide.