First Date Jitters

The awkwardness of a first date is an agony to get through. As a girl who just recently went on her first date ever, I can definitely attest to this. First dates themselves bring nerves, butterflies and stresses to a lot of people out there. But your first date ever  is all of those feelings— times three.

There’s a lot of pressure that people out on themselves when it comes to first dates to make it like a fairytale and to have everything that you see in the movies. Going on my first date ever, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. They tell you to be yourself and everything will work out for you the way that it’s supposed to, or whoever you’re going on a date with will love you, but it’s definitely easier said than done.

As a hopeless romantic, I built up all of my feelings and stressed myself out until I actually got to the place where I was meeting him. All of these questions ran through my head:  What if I say something wrong? What if he doesn’t like me? What if there’s awkward tension? How do I make conversation? Is there things I should/shouldn’t ask? All of this pressure and as soon as I got there, it just all seemed to fade away and cease to exist.

Walking away from my first date ever, I actually had a good time. I was able to learn about someone that I didn’t really know and gain new perspectives on things. And there’s always a good thing about eating food. Yum. I also learned about myself: I’m a pretty typical person, I will be the best partner ever at trivia and I like having conversations but I might be a little shy or awkward at times. There’s more to first dates than just eating, lust and a first kiss at the end of it all. There’s learning and fun things that can be done and what to learn from for next time. It’s all a good experience.

I’m glad that I went. You have this idea of how it’s all supposed to happen, what you’re supposed to do and what you feel like is expected of you. But the truth of the matter is, you can just be yourself and the awkwardness is just a part of your first date. You have every right to be nervous and awkward when on a first date, even if you know the person that you’re going on a date with. It’s a whole new ballgame that you’re entering in and you’re putting yourself out there. Not to mention that there’s a risk that the person you go out with may not like you or vice versa.

When you are going on your first date, remember this: you are a good person who deserves to find love. The person that you’re going on a date with doesn’t have to be your forever person and you don’t have to fall in love on your first date. You’re allowed to not be interested or want to go on another date and want to know more. You’re also allowed to remain friends with that person. Chivalry can still be a thing to expect and there’s nothing wrong with that. You can also be a modern woman and play the “game” to your own rules if you want to. IT’S ALL UP TO YOU. And at the end of the day, it’s only one night, not the rest of your life.

So to girls going on first dates soon: have fun! Enjoy it. Meet new people and have a good time. If it doesn’t work out like you want it to or at all, that’s completely fine. At least you gave it a good shot. And to those going on your first date ever: you got this. I believe in you. Good luck find love out there! XOXO