Cosmo’s Best Sex Tips: Really as Good as They Say?

Warning: This post contains personal information related to this topic.

I would say personally, I’m very experimental when it comes to all things sexual. So when I opened an article in Cosmopolitan magazine that told me I’d have the best wall quaking, earth-shaking sex if I tried these tips, I was a little skeptical, but I thought my boyfriend and I were down for the challenge.

Here are a few of the tips and their actions/end goals and also our take on the experience.

Heavenly Heartbeat

Action: You put your hand on his heart and he does the same so both of you can feel your heartbeat while you’re having sex.

End Goal: Since your heartbeat speeds up during orgasm you’re supposed to feel very close and synced up.

Outcome: It was super awkward and my boyfriend kept forgetting to keep his hand on my heart because he was busy focusing on something else.

Tantalizing Turn-Around

Action: When riding him, instead of facing him, turn around so your face is near his feet and his face is looking at your butt.

End Goal: Feels really nice if his penis curves up and it’s also a great view for the guy.

Outcome: Very, very nice! It felt very intense on my end and it was also easier than when I’m facing him while riding him. I didn’t enjoy the view of his feet, but he loved the view and he loved the feeling it gave him. It was also a great birthday present for him.

Pocketful of Pleasure

Action: Say you need change and then abruptly put your hands down his pants. Grab his penis through his underwear and move your hands up and down. Then reach under his underwear and keep the movement. Then remove your hand and say something like “are those quarters in your pocket or you happy to see me.”

End Goal: He will want to bust in his pants.

Outcome: Great teaser! He loved it and he even said and I quote “I want to put these quarters in your bank.” I did the action right before I had to leave his place and he told me he couldn’t stop thinking about how crazy it made him.

Let Go- Loudly

Action: Let yourself be very vocal during sex. Yell whatever feels comfortable and even allow yourself to scream.

End Goal: The louder you are, the better he’ll feel and it’s supposed to make orgasms feel amazing.

Outcome: This was a little tough since my apartment walls are very thin, but we did it on a day none of my roommates were home and it was amazing! He orgasmed very hard and so did I! I felt very comfortable around him and was allowed to say anything, which he enjoyed. We may or may not have received a complaint from my neighbors.

Eyes Wide Open

Action: You maintain eye contact during foreplay and throughout sex.

End Goal: You’ll experience an orgasm in a whole different way and it will also feel more intimate.

Outcome: Was a bit uncomfortable when kissing because it felt so unnatural. It was also awkward to maintain eye contact during sex because we kept changing positions, like doggy style. When I was bent over, I found it harder to turn around and look at him. He enjoyed it, but I wasn’t a fan.

The Kiss Connection

Action: Share a passionate 10-second passionate kiss every day.

End Goal: You’ll feel more passionate with your man because a lot of couples don’t stop to just have a passionate kiss.

Outcome: It gave me instant chills and made me very horny the moment he put his lips to mine. I could feel the sparks and having it every single day was definitely a plus.

If I were to rate this experience, I’d give it a definite 8. It was difficult making sure to remember the tips because when you’re in the moment, you’re only focused on your partner. The tips were overall pretty good. They didn’t change the way I had sex but it definitely made the sheets on my bed fall off.