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Christy Carlson Romano Will Make You Nostalgic in 15 Minutes or Less

Do you remember Christy Carlson Romano? The original Kim Possible? The iconic overachieving Ren Stevens? Well, she’s back and better than ever. When she isn’t being a mom of two or acting in Disney’s animated TV show “Big Hero Six,” she’s hosting her own cooking show on YouTube.

“Christy’s Kitchen Throwback” combines the nostalgia of a 1990s/2000s childhood with the style of a Martha Stweart video. Since June 27, Romano has had a total of 13 guests and one special video. Her very first guest was her “Kim Possible” co-star, Will Friedle. She and Friedle created the infamous “Naco,” a beloved nacho-taco that was a staple of their show. Another iconic food she made was  crème brûlée with Monique Coleman from the “High School Musical” franchise.

If Disney stars weren’t your style growing up, she has also had Mara Wilson from “Matilda,” Drake Bell of “Drake and Josh” and even YouTuber and “Escape The Night” star Joey Graceffa  as guests. By combining cooking with a catchup segment and even asking her husband to approve the food, Romano will keep you entertained for 15 minutes or less. 

 Even if you don’t want to watch for the stars, the recipes can range from sweet treats to vegan foods, but they all relate to the shows her guests have been on. Each week, before a video goes up, she keeps her subscribers engaged by asking them to guess who her next guest of the week is. Prizes for winning Romano’s weekly contests have included signed Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable action figures and a trip to California to appear on Christy’s Kitchen Throwback.

Check out new episodes of Christy’s Kitchen Throwback on YouTube every Thursday for new recipes, guests, and nostalgia.


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