Childhood Shows You Need to Revisit

I don’t know about you but I vividly remember waking up early before school so I could catch the cartoons as I eat my breakfast. I remember rushing home after elementary school so I could finish my homework to catch the new episode that released ALWAYS at 7p.m.

Recently I’ve been feeling super nostalgic and trying to get back to my roots. One way I’ve been doing that is re-visiting old TV shows that I loved and grew up with. After watching a few, they still smack. At 20 years old I find myself laughing at the same jokes I laughed at when I was 7 years old. Here’s a few shows from the most iconic TV stations.


Big Time Rush

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The first boy band that I really fell in love with. Okay first of all, this show is funny AF. Carlos, Kendall, Logan and James really were the best of friends. A quick recap about the show: it’s about four best friends from Minnesota that becomes a boyband.

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They get discovered by a big time music producer and they all move out to L.A. to pursue a music dream and succeed. Along the way are weird obstacles they have to work on together. The humor is all in their acting and their boisterous personalities. After watching a few episodes and laughing until my stomach hurts, I slowly began to realize that me and my friends are literally them. Also, THE SONGS THEY MADE WERE GOOD. I have been bumping “Boyfriend” and “Worldwide” while I take a shower and scream singing all the lyrics that I forgot I remember. I can’t help but binge all four season, which by the way are all available on Hulu. Have fun with that one.


Man I miss this show. I believe that a lot of our humor that we share, for the generation that grew up watching and loving this show, was because of iCarly. With their witty innuendos, jokes with words they made up, and Gibby, this show had it all. Also did anyone else want to move to Seattle while watching this? I seriously thought about it.

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Recap on the show: Three friends started an online streamed show called iCarly where they have hilarious skits and segments and dance randomly. This show is great if you’re feeling down and just need a laugh. Also this show is great to watch with friends and bask in nostalgia. I think my favorite and most memorable episode from the show is the one where Sam and Carly enter into the pageant show. Sam goes up to introduce herself to the the crowd and she says, “I’m Sam Pucket, I’m from Seattle and I LOVE FRIED CHICKEN!” Same Sam.

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Cartoon Network

Teen Titans

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Let me preface this by saying, not Teen Titans GO! Get that out of my face. I’m talking about the OG Teen Titans. These super heros were my absolute favorite. It was such a great balance of characters and even though they were very different, you could relate to each one in a different way. The Titan’s worked together to save their town from villains while still being teenagers. They were too badass! They had intense action storylines but also had episodes where it was laid back and comedy filled. I loved how the story expanded and they introduced new super heros to be a part of the Titan family. I will forever remember my childhood crush on Robin and my intense likeliness to Raven.

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That’s So Raven

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This was one of the only show’s that were on television that I really felt taught me good lessons. I was so into comedy shows as a kid and watching these characters literally do the most. Raven, Chelsea and Eddie showed true loyalty in every single messed up adventure. I loved Raven’s loud personality and she never frayed away from being her genuine self. The jokes have me wiping away tears. Also I notice that a lot of me and my sister’s personality was totally shaped by this show and our humor most likely came from this show.

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There are so many more shows that shaped our childhood. I think it’s important to recognize that they shaped our personalities, our humor and even the way we treat other people. It’s always a great idea to get back to your roots and remember what it was like to be a kid again. One way to do that: binge all your favorite childhood shows.