"Captain Marvel" Captures My Heart

*Warning: there might be spoilers in this article for this and other Marvel movies, so be advised.​

The latest addition to the Marvel series has arrived onto the scene and can I tell you, I love this new character so much.

Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, almost seems like a little better version of Wonder Woman to me. Carol has this way of describing how we feel and the things that women go through all the time. From people telling us that we don’t belong because we are weak, to men telling us that we don’t belong because we aren’t men - we’ve heard it all and Carol Danvers has, too.

She is still the representation of a bad-ass woman and I left that theater thinking that I was one, too. She figured out that everything she knew was a lie - she’s not an alien from a planet, she’s a human who got her powers from an explosion and her “mentor” killed her actual mentor who was trying to save people instead of killing them. And yet, she is still stubborn as a rock and fights for what she feels is right - no matter who that upsets. Carol is a human being who just wants to help the world in the ways that she knows how and do what’s right. It makes me excited that this movie is the next in line of hopefully a lot of movies where we show badass women playing badass heroes.

This movie made my brain hurt very much in the best way possible. If you have not yet seen some of the Marvel movies like Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Avenger’s: Infinity War. You get to see connections like where one of Thanos’s henchmen comes from (he’s linked with the Kree, which is the planet Carol was living on thinking she was an alien), you get to see how Nick Fury gets his famous eye injury (it was a cat) and how the tesaract came about and all of its importance (which goes back to as early as the first Avengers movie).

Courtesy New York Times

And if that’s not enough for you, the amount of ‘90s references that are in here are so fantastic that I couldn’t keep still. Guardians of the Galaxy gave us some good old school references, but this movie gave me even more that I loved a lot. From the outfits to the music to lunches and pinballs games - this movie has it all. We even figure out how we get to Nick Fury having the pager to contact Captain Marvel. This movie was shot so brilliantly and was presented in such a good way that there wasn’t a dull moment, and you will want to absorb every second of what’s going on.

Now we already know that Carol is going to be in Avengers: End Game and we finally will walk into an Avengers movie feeling like we are ahead of the game. I can assure you that feeling is not going to last you very long, but it’s nice to have it for a second. I’m excited to see her join the team, the role that she plays and school all of these men with Black Widow on how it’s done.

So here’s to hoping that all those people we once lost return to us. Carol Danvers, you are a boss and I play by your rules. I will be at opening weekend of the next Marvel movie.