Campus Cutie: Meet Vinny!

Name: VinnyHometown: Long IslandMajor: AEMM or whatever they call it nowYear: SeniorAge: 21


Favorite food: Tacos. Why even ask?Guilty pleasure: My body pillow and all 256 episodes of Friends. Favorite place: Taco Bell. Any location will do. #1 on bucket list: Skydive over the Hollywood sign in California. Actor that would play you in a movie: Justin Timberlake because a group of 4 customers at work the other day told me I look like him and I want to savor the moment.Favorite Bar: Any one that will feed me while I drink. Dream job: What do you call the person that has abs, eats pizza, and watches Netflix most of the time? I want to be them. Best memory at Columbia: When my professor set an internship up for me with Bon Jovi Tours.