Campus Celebrity: Austin Wolfe

I think it's everyone's dream to be able to sing well.  I mean, who doesn't want to be the next Taylor Swift or Adele?  Austin Wolfe, freshman at Columbia, is one of those who has been gifted with a naturally beautiful singing voice.  Not only can she hit the high and low notes like no-other, she has also been a contestant on American Idol when she was only 16.  I had the chance to hangout and chat with her about her past fame and future goals.

Q: So obviously you like to sing.  What is your major here at Columbia?

A: "My major is Contemporary and Urban Music, CUP for short.  Columbia is one of the only schools in the country that has a popular music performance major.  I wanted to learn more about making and performing music in a contemporary style, so Columbia was the perfect fit for me."

Q: Why did you chose that major?  What do you hope to see for yourself in the future?

A: "I hope to -- in the next couple of years -- have a solid CD with music on it that I'm really proud of.  I hope that when I start getting into more singing lessons and music production classes that it will help me expand my skills that are needed to have a professional music career."

Q: I know you were on American Idol.  Can you tell me a little about that experience?  What did you learn from it?

A: "I auditioned when I was only 16 -- I looked like a 2 year old, haha!  It was the most stressful and exhausting period of my life.  We filmed for 8 months, and this was when I was a junior in high school.  On top of the filming I was looking for colleges, so that year itself was very stressful for me.  But in the end, it really showed me a completely different side of the music industry.  I was thrown in with working with professionals and being filmed almost 24/7.  But after American Idol, I had a bunch of people reach out to me for performances.  I had the honor of opening for Five for Fighting and Bridget Mendler.  If it wasn't for Idol, I don't think I would have had those opportunities."

Q: Who are your favorite artists?  Who do you get inspiration from?

A: "I really like Adele, Gregory Alan Isakov, Ed Sheeran, and John Mayer.  Though I really like pop music, my favorites are the songs that you don't hear broadcasted on the radio.  I guess you could say indie music as cliche as that sounds."

Q: Who is your guilty pleasure artist?

A: "Taylor Swift.  Everyone is kind of like 'ew, Taylor Swift', but I think she is really good at what she does.  1989 was my favorite album."

Q: If you couldn’t sing, what would you do instead?

A: "I always think about that, and I have no idea.  If I don't make it as a singer, I will have nothing else to do.  I guess I will just have to open up a coffee shop, haha. But no, I think my backup is doing studio work.  I just want to work in music." 

Q: For those who are aspiring to be musicians or singers, what words of wisdom do you have?

A: "You need to have really good work ethic in everything you do.  I personally feel like since I had good work ethic when I was growing up, I have been able to start my process of making it far in the music industry because of all of the hard work I put in.  You really need to dedicate yourself to music in order to go far in it." 

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