Byte, the New Vine

I don’t know about you, but I think about vine every day. The weird creation space was something of wonders. An organically created space like that can’t be made, it’s cultivated by the people on the platform. Dom Hofmann has said himself that Vine was 99% the people on it and 1% the actual app. Creating original content on such an open platform with six-second videos that people have basically woven into their lexicon is lightning in a bottom. So when I heard last May that Dom Hofmann was going to recreate Vine with V2 I was thrilled. But it was a complicated build. They didn’t have the proper funding, they were jumping through legal loopholes and simply just announced the new app too soon. So it was put on hold indefinitely, without a hope for the future.

Now If you were upset by the failure of V2, don’t put on your black clothes just yet. Original Vine creator Dom Hofmann just announced that he will be taking yet another stab at recreating the treasure we knew as Vine. The app will be called Byte and plans to be launched this spring! source

Hofmann expressed regret for selling his app to Twitter and Twitter didn’t seem to care when they shut the platform down back in 2016. People were saddened by the app shutting down so it seemed like the wrong move on Twitter's part. But let's not harp on the past, we’re finally getting what we want right?

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In honor of byte let’s take a look at some of my favorite Vine compilations that have been made in the loss of the app.

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