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It’s well established that I’m a nerd. But this, oh this ladies, lads, and non-binaries, is the cherry that tops the cake.

I have purchased the first issue of Batman: Damned. Ok, whoopity who, Kara bought another comic. Oh no, this comic, was very hard to obtain, for one very important reason; Batman’s dick.

That’s right, for literally no reason other than ‘yeah why not’ by writer Brian Azzarello and illustrator Lee Bermejo. I mean they really did it, unsuspectingly too, in three glorious panels. The last panel you see little wing in is just Bruce sitting in his manor, alone and naked, wallowing in self-pity. Lowkey goals. This, however, is exactly why it was hard (you can make the joke if you’d like) to get this comic.

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DC decided that they’re going to censor the comic from now on effectively making Batman’ batwang a collector’s item. And I had to have it. Not because I’m a weirdo (in this case), but I know ten years from now this comic would be worth a lot of money. I mean, the most expensive comic ever sold went for 3.2 million. I can’t imagine someone paying that much for this one, but I am certain I can sell it for more than the 80 dollars I bought it for- plus it was free shipping.

Photo Courtesy of Newsarama

Let’s give a little bit of a review -no spoilers- on how this comic is, even though you may not get the uncensored version after the reprint.

I don’t really read Batman comics- I’m more of a Nightwing/Robin girl. This comic is for someone who wants a grittier, darker Batman with elements of his detective side- which I love. The story is a little confusing to follow, you may need to read the passages a few times, but it has some nice insights and truths about life. The illustration is gorgeous, lots of spooky looking imagery to keep you looking for minutes after. The art is going to be the King of this series and the driving force for why I keep reading it. The actual story kind of scratches at the darker side of your soul and that’s something I’m into. The sound effects are visually on point as well.

Photo Courtesy of Inverse

This is 1 of 3 in the series so I’m going to stick around for the mystery of it. The first one already earns a mature rating due to the explicit content, disturbing imagery and…. Batman’s dark knight. As someone who doesn’t really read Batman comics, I highly recommend picking up this series and giving it a try… censored of course!

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