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Are You Wearing the Right Coat this Winter?

I love winter, I love the cold, and I love feeling warm and cozy. The only reason I do is because of the coats during this season. I call this, “Big coat season”. Living in Chicago you NEED a nice warm coat. Even on those date nights girl. I’ll make sure I get you the deets to having the cutest/warmest winter looks during this cold weather.

Oversized Teddy Coat

This right here is my top number one go to jacket. I just bought this jacket this past November and I have to say I can’t stop wearing it when it’s cold. It goes with all of my outfits. But also who doesn’t love a black oversized jacket? This jacket it from Boohoo. It’s an online shop that originated in 2006 and has been coming with nothing but stylish fits and celebrity collabs ever since.

Sweat Shirts/Pants

@anisa.dash on Instagram is a fashion curator of her own streetwear looks. I’m the type of girl who wears sneakers with almost every outfit. I came across her Instagram page and was like  Since I got older and more into what I was wearing, I figured out what I like and what I don’t like when it comes to fashion. As you can imagine anyone would do the same when figuring out what kind of clothing they like to wear. The sweater she’s wearing is from thisisneverthat an online clothing shop that sells simple pieces from clothing to accessories. It’s perfect if your going for a comfy look to pair with your sneakers.

Too Cute For Errands

Everyone knows what fashion police is and we did our thing when it came to the activity we had in our meeting a few nights ago in our club. Me and a few members judged outfits we chose from celebrity Instagram pages. Some were hot and a lot were TRASH. My favorite was @jennylinnnn on Instagram. Her instagram is full of streetwear looks that are way too bomb. So I had to follow her. In this look she’s wearing an oversized grey fur, black and different types of grey camo pants from Boohoo mens, a grey hoodie, and a pair of J’s. To top it off with there was accessories she wore– big silver hoop earring, sunglasses, and a Louis Vuitton purse.

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Multimedia Journalism student with a minor in Creative Advertising at Columbia College Chicago. I have a passion for writing about fashion, music, lifestyle, and pop culture.
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