All About Bucket Lists

How many times have you been asked the question, “What’s on your bucket list?” I have this questions a lot, mostly when I’m trying to get to know someone. It’s one of those kinds of questions where you really get to know someone - each answer that you get is always going to be unique in its own kind of way.

Do bucket lists actually work, though? What do they accomplish anyway? My answer is yes. Bucket lists are a great way for you to set some goals in life for yourself. The things that you decide to put on your list are things that are important to you and things that you want to strive for in your lifetime. They’re the things that give you hope and give you something to look forward to.

I like to put things out into the universe and put together the things that I want to do in my life. I like that the list doesn’t judge about the kind of things that you put on there. They can be big or small things - not just things that seem to be out of reach or things that only you can dream of. Do you remember in “A Walk to Remember” when Jamie had her lists of things she wanted to do before she died? It’s just like that.

Bucket lists can also tell you a lot about someone. The different things that people in life want to do show you the different kinds of things that they find important. Each item on their bucket list also has a different meaning to them. For example, you and I both may have going to Disneyland on our bucket list. I may want to go because I’ve never been to Disneyland but you may want to go because it was the first trip you ever took with your family. Bucket list questions always reveal a lot about a person and if you ask about the right numbers on their lists, you may find hidden answers that you need from that person in the future.

Bucket lists are a great things to have. Put things out into the universe for yourself and go make those into reality. Whenever you think of something you want to do, no matter how big or small, add it to your bucket list. And then start crossing things off of that bucket list by yourself, your best friends or with a significant other you meet down the line. They make some of the greatest conversations and means of getting you through.

So, here’s a couple things on my bucket list for you guys to take away:

  1. Go to London

  2. Watch the sky and stars at night

  3. Fall in love

  4. Walk on a red carpet

  5. Take a road trip from California to New York

Here's an example of a spring bucket list to get you started.

Courtesy Love and Renovations

What’s on your bucket list? Going to cross anything off this spring break?