5 Places I want to Travel to in my Lifetime

I’ve always loved the idea of traveling and it always acts as a goal for me. It serves me as motivation for things to look forward to, the kinds of things that I want to do in my life and the steps that it’s going to take for me to get there. The world is such a big place full of things I’ve never experienced and things that you just can find here in the city or in the United States. And then there are the hidden gems that are here which may seem like everyday to some and are truly gold to others.

While my total list of places I want to travel to is really long, here are just 5 of the many places I want to travel to in my lifetime.

  1. 1. Mallorca (Majorca)

    This is such a beautiful island. I’ve only known about this place for about 2 years but ever since I saw pictures I’ve always wanted to go. The caves there for swimming are breathtaking and the water is so clear that you can see in the distance. Mallorca is a Spanish island, so it falls perfectly in place with my love for European islands - which you might see a lot of on my traveling master list. This island makes me want to be more of an adventurous person and explore the outdoors, more. All the more reason I want to go.

  2. 2. Sydney

    I have such an admiration for Australia, Sydney specifically. Between the Opera House and climbing up to the top of their infamous bridge to catch the view, I want to explore what it has to offer. I feel like Sydney is one of those places that I know I want to visit but I don’t have many things that I want to do/see. It’s one of those places on my list that doesn’t come with an itinerary or things-to-do list. I just want to go and experience it all, accents included.

  3. 3. Athens

    Now talk about visiting islands. Greece is a really big place to explore but one place in particular I want to see is Athens. Besides the incredible views and the food in Greece, I really want to take in the history. I want to learn about the architecture that’s there and even about things like Greek mythology if I can. I loved greek mythology as a kid and I love to feel nostalgic and expand my knowledge. And maybe I can have a “Mama Mia” moment while I’m out there, too.

  4. 4. Italy

    This one isn’t as specific as the other places that I’ve listed because I can’t just pick one place to visit in Italy. For the longest time, I have wanted to soak into my veins everything that Italy has to offer: food, culture, history, language - you name it. Italy is such a beautiful country and I want to be able to do as much as I can while I’m there. Since I’m part Italian, it only feels right that I put this wonderful place on my bucket list. Hopefully I can travel here in the next five years.

  5. 5. Guanajuato

    I love Mexico. It’s a stunning place that I adore with all of my heart. One place that I particularly want to go to is Guanajuato. My grandfather and grandmother are both came to the US from Guanajuato, so I want to see where they were before they came here starting their new life. Learning about the place where they grew up makes me excited and feel happy about being knowledgeable about them and makes me feel a little closer to them. I know I want to explore other places in Mexico but Guanajuato comes first.