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5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s officially the month of May – and with that comes the most important holiday, Mother’s Day. I love my mom, but every year I always have the struggle of finding a good gift to get her – especially since her birthday falls around the same time as Mother’s Day. If this is you, then we’re going to help each other out. Here are a couple gift ideas in case you’re as lost as I am.

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1. Mom’s Spa Day

Every mom deserves to have a day to herself where she is pampered and showered with self-care. Send your mom on a trip to the spa where she doesn’t have to focus on anything besides relaxing. Want to go above and beyond? Do some chores around the house and make it nice and tidy so that when she comes home, all she has to do is find the perfect show on Netflix to binge. Let her have a peaceful day.

2. Give Her All the Favorites

If Mother’s Day is about celebrating your mom, then that’s what we’re going to do. Treat your mom to some of her favorite things. You can make her favorite meal, watch her favorite movies – even have a jam session to her favorite songs. If you’re looking for tears, you can even go through your favorite pictures of her or you two together. Whatever her favorites might be, build your plans around them. It’s all about her!

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3. Take Her Out

If your mom is anything like mine, then she doesn’t often go out and have a fun night. Well, today is the day to do so. Surprise your mom with tickets to a concert, take her out for a night of karaoke or dancing – anything that’s going to get her out for the night where she can just let loose. After all: girls just wanna have fun, right?

4. Movie Night

This one is pretty straightforward. Movies are one of my favorite things to do with my mom – and it’s something that we don’t necessarily need to go out for. Movie nights are always fun because we can do extra things that we may not be able to do at a theatre. Make a sundae station and go buck wild. Look for some cool ideas from Pinterest of games you can play while watching the movie. You can gossip about your day, enjoy some good company and have a good night. If you watch musicals, you can even sing along to all the words. Personalize the night so that it fits you two and your special bond.

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5. No Boys Allowed

This is a day designed for girls only. Make it a day all about you and your mom. You guys can cook breakfast together, go for a mani-pedi, eat brunch, have a cute photoshoot – whatever you want. The key point here is to enjoy the day with just you and your mom. Let her know that you appreciate her and whether you’re away at college or staying at home, you want to spend that time that you have together.


Hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day. And to all the moms reading, we love you!

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