5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Living Room

So you finally got your own little space, your very own living room. It’s an empty thing maybe, with the bare necessities of a couch, a tv and a coffee table. It’s finally time to spruce up your life and showcase yourself through decor. Bedrooms might be behind closed doors, but living rooms are open and an entertainment space. What your living room decorations show can be a symbol of your creativity and an essense of your personality.

Here are five easy ways to decorate your living room.

1. Tapestries

This is best if you’re on a budget, and it’s a great art piece. Instead of buying multiple pieces of art and expensive frames, a tapestry is one sheet that makes the same statement. If you have a bare wall, tack up a tapestry of your choice and it’ll automatically create a feature wall to liven up your space. Tapestries don’t always have to be that tacky bohemian style tie dye pattern,  you can choose from different artists on a great website called Society6 and pick something that screams YOU.

Photo Courtesy Cache Crazy

2. Plants

Nothing makes a space feel more homey than  seeing a couple plants. It’s another way to liven up a room and breathe some fresh air. It’s scientifically proven that watering plants and being around them sparks a feeling of calmness. Only to add to all the great things that plants bring, some pants also improve air quality! If you know you’re not great with keeping them alive, no worries, I’m not the best at it either. Fake plants still evoke that same joy with no maintenance. Or you can invest in plants called succulents, like a cactus. They require barely any sunlight, and only need watering once a month at least. Also, read up on the type of plant you purchase so you have the knowledge to properly care for them. If you can’t make your way to a plant shop, Bloomscape is a website where you can choose what plant you want and they will deliver it straight to your door.

Photo Courtesy Lonny

3. Throw Blankets

Imagine this: you just turned on the TV, you hear the Netflix “BUM BUM,” you have a bowl of snacks and you sit down on your couch, BUT YOU’RE COLD. One smart fix: a throw blanket. A throw blanket is a designated item for the couch so that you won’t have to drag your comforter from your room every time. Next time you’re in a Marshalls or a Ross, they have a large array of throw blanket in all different shapes, colors and patterns and you can choose one that speaks to you.

Photo Courtesy Vegan Design  

4. Candles

There’s a couple different candles that I would recommend purchasing for two different reasons. You can purchase white pillar candles in different heights and you can display them on pillar stands. These candles are more for decoration and work best on top of a high table alongside picture frames and other knick knacks. Ther other type of candle you can purchase is the functional good smelling kind. Nothing makes me happier than winding down after a long day, hearing that click of the lighter and watching the flame of a great scented candle diffuse a wave of lavender throughout my room. If you’re in a dorm that does not allow candles, invest in an oil diffuser. They smell great and all you need to add is water and oil drops. Depending on the brand, some even have a calming light aspect.

Photo Courtesy WallArt

5. String Lights

You already know what it is. They’re cute, they’re functional and inexpensive. There are many ways to hang up these lights. You can lay them up against a wall (maybe around your new tapestry?), you can criss cross them over your ceiling or just go in there and get creative. Dim yellow lighting will covert your space completely.

Photo Courtesy Pinterest

I hope you try some or all of these ways to decorate your living room. You can even take these tips and focus them on different room in your place.