20 Sex and the City Quotes to Live By in Your 20’s

Sex and the City is an iconic show for women everywhere. It taught us how we look at relationships, and how we look at personal growth through that same lens. There’s a Sex and the City episode, and a quote, for everything. These four women lead their single, successful and empowered lives while facing the same adversity all women face - love.

From inspirational to relatable, here are 20 Sex and the City quotes, all from the iconic it-girl/narrator/goddess Carrie Bradshaw that every 20-something single needs to hear:

  1. "Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop figuring out precisely how we feel, stop deciding exactly what we want, and just see what happens."

  2. "Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you're pretty sexy and you're taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with."

  3. "With an arm full of discounted clothing, I realized I couldn’t discount my feelings.”

  4. "They say nothing lasts forever. Dreams change, trends come and go, but friendship never goes out of style."

  5. "Eventually all the pieces fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason."

  6. “Enjoy yourself… that’s what your 20’s are for. Your 30’s are to learn the lessons, and your 40’s are to pay for the drinks.”

  7. “When you’re determined to reach your goal, not even obstacles can scare you away.”

  8. “As we speed along this endless road to the destination called who we hope to be, I can’t help but whine, ‘Are we there yet?’”

  9. “When it comes to life and love, why do we believe our worst reviews?”

  10. “After all, computers crash, people die, relationships fall apart. The best we can do is breathe and reboot.”

  11. “The most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.”

  12. “Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first.”

  13. “Life gives you lots of chances to screw up which means you have just as many chances to get it right.”

  14. “After all, seasons change, so do cities; people come into your life and people go. But it’s comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart. And if you’re very lucky, a plane ride away.”

  15. “The universe may not always play fair, but at least it’s got a hell of a sense of humor.”

  16. “Breakups are awful and they are private. They are not necessarily symptomatic of what those two people had.”

  17. “It was kind of amazing. Why did I need a stranger to remind me?"

  18. “Aren’t we all in recovery from something? Drinking? Drugging? Our last relationship?”

  19. “Men may have discovered fire, but women learned how to play with it.”

  20. “That’s the thing about relationships. Sometimes they look prettier from the outside. And what’s inside can be different than it seems.”

Call it a Sex and the City Bible. XOXO