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10 Ways to Get over your Post Halloween Blues


Halloween came and went like it, sadly, does every year and I am again filled with woeful sorrow over another spooky season passed. There will be another of course, but until then, enjoy this list to help myself you get through another *shudders* Christmas season.  

1. Watch Practical Magic and drink midnight margaritas.


2. Talk to the moon, she always has the best advice.

Things I’ve Learned from the Moon

3. Begrudgingly leave the decorations up until at least Thanksgiving.


4. Drink a Chestnut Praline Latte from Starbucks and remember it’s at least still fall.


5. Think back to your best spooks of the season.


6. Gear up for next year’s skeleton war.

7. Buy all the discounted candy.

8. Buy all the discounted decorations.


9. Listen to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack one more before letting it rest.


10. Countdown the days! (362 days since this article has been published!)


Kara Middleton

Columbia Chicago

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