10 Halloween Costumes That No One Else Will Be Wearing

Halloween is quickly approaching, and the last thing you want is to show up to a party wearing the same costume as someone else. You need something original, a costume that will catch everyone’s eye. Keep reading for unique costume ideas that no one else will be wearing!

1. Captain America’s Shield

With the hype of Avengers Infinity War still going strong, you will see A LOT of Captain America’s running around this Halloween. What you won’t see, is just the shield. What is Captain America without his shield? That’s right, nothing. You will be the better half of Captain America, and I promise, no one else will be dressed just as the shield.

2. A frog

Every year you see girls dressed up as cute animals. A cat over there. Oh, look, a mouse. Jessica is a bunny again? Typical. The animal that you won’t see is a frog, one of the cutest animals in the world. Not only does it give you the excuse to hop everywhere, but it will also showcase your face painting skills. So pull out that green paint and get ready to wow the party whenever you hop in.

3. Your mom

No, this isn’t an insult. Dress up like your mom. Get in the spirit of it and act like a mom. Offer snacks and drinks. Dance like you have two left feet. Comment on how tall everyone is getting. Go all out. If you don’t have a mom to base this costume on, just think of things that a stereotypical suburban mom would do and do that. This costume is guaranteed to be the favorite of the party.

4. You on a Monday

This is probably the easiest costume of them all. All you have to do is wake up five minutes before having to leave for the party and start getting ready. Don’t put on deodorant, forget the make-up, and grab a coffee to go. Bring a blanket if you are really feeling it. The more tired you look, the more believable the costume will be. If someone asks what you are dressed as, just point to your “Is Monday Over Yet?” t-shirt and they will nod knowingly. Overall, this is the cheapest and quickest costume on the list.

5. A student

All you have to do is go to the party and work on homework. Not only will you get your homework done, but you will also impress everyone at the party. That is a great student costume, a grade A student costume. Working on homework at a party? They must really like school.

6. Donald Krump

That’s right, dress up as our president, Donald Trump. Don’t act like him or do impressions of him, because nobody wants that. Here is the twist, all you can do is krump. That semi-popular dance move, krumping, is the only thing you are allowed to do, the whole party. If someone asks what you are, you respond out of breath, “I’m Donald Krump, get it? Like Trump, but krump. I’m krumping. Can’t you tell? It’s a great pun right?” Never stop krumping. Krump until the party ends.

7. That feeling you get when you walk in a room and forget why you went there.

You can dress however you want for this costume. Throughout the party, walk into a room and stand there quizzically. Say out loud, “Hm, now why did I come in here?” Spend a lot of time looking like you’re thinking about it before you leave the room. Rinse and repeat.

8. The paparazzi

Just slap on a camera and you are good to go. This gives you the opportunity to take unsolicited pictures and be rude to other party goers. Sure, the majority of the party will hate you, but you have photos to blackmail them, so they can’t be mean to you...or else.

9. Rico from Hannah Montana

Literally, no one in the whole entire world will be dressed up as Rico from Hannah Montana. He was probably the most hated character out of them all, so why would they. Hey, you are asking for originality, I didn’t promise that you would like it.

10. A ghost

Just don’t show up to the party.


Hopefully, you were able to gain some inspiration for your 2018 Halloween costume. If you didn’t like any of these ideas, I’m not sorry, they are golden. Have a great spooky month of October!