Your Go-To Library Style Guide for Reading Week


            With the sun shining, the temperatures constantly on the rise, and the sweet sight of Ray Bans on Low Steps, it’s harder than ever to spend all day in the library. Unfortunately, reading week is upon us, which means long hours typing up study guides, catching up on reading, and finishing seminar papers. But just because you can’t be outside enjoying the sunshine doesn’t mean you can’t bring the summer spirit into the library with you. In addition to fresh lemonade and a playlist of Indie Rock on Spotify, library-cozy spring fashion is a great way to brighten up these grueling days. Here are some tips for reading week outfits that will keep you looking chic, comfortable, and in a great mood:

Comfortable Pants

While I probably wouldn't recommend the tightest skinny jeans you own, there are alternatives to leggings and sweats to wear in the library. A looser fit, such as a washed out boyfriend jean, or a rolled up cargo pant can give you the laid back look you're going for without making you feel constricted. 

Pair your boyfriend jeans with a white tee (and bring a cardigan because the library can be chilly), or a loose button down. Shoes can range from flats, to sandals, to flip flops, to Toms, to converse. 

If you want a pop of color, Gap's spring collection featured cigarette ankle jeans and rolled up cargos in every color you can imagine. These pants also go well with a basic tee and a patterned scarf. 

If pants aren't your thing, but you know that if you wear a short skirt or jean shorts your legs will be uncomfortable a maxi skirt or dress may be for you. 

Keeping your hair manageable

There's nothing more annoying than trying to study and having your hair in your face. But a high top knot or bun doesn't have to be your only option. Without overdoing it like Blair Waldorf, a hippie head scarf or french braid could be the way to go. 

Keep the Makeup Light

During reading week, you don't want to worry about having to reapply makeup. That being said, we all know 209 is like the daytime version of Mel's. It's about people-watching, and so a little bit of blush or mascara never hurt no body. Go for the the fresh-faced glow so that you look natural and ready for summer, while still looking put together. Keep your kohl eyeliner for a night out at 1020!