Winter Style: Outfits to Get You Through the Last Stretch

With NYC reaching record-breaking cold temperatures this winter, and the fountain in Bryant Park literally freezing over, New Yorkers may find themselves wondering how it's possible to even go outside - there’s nothing more I want in this weather than to wrap myself up in a warm blanket with some hot chocolate in my room and magically fast forward to May. A more practical solution, however, would be to combat this New York winter with some cold-front essentials- items that will keep you toasty, while still looking fashionable! I know it may seem hard to wear anything but your bright, clunky snow boots and puffy winter coat when you’re experiencing arctic-style temperatures, but have no fear. Designers have pulled out all the stops to ensure your safety, warmth, and  good-looks this winter season.

Good Winter Boots: Stay safe on the ice with these cute boots!
Jackets: Who says puffy jackets can't be chic?
Hats: Keep the old noggin and ears warm with these wool specialties.
Gloves: Why let your fingers turn purple or your skin get dry when you can wear these elegant gloves?
Scarves: Shield your neck from the wind with these toasty options.
Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t look chic. Stay warm, everyone!