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Flynn Rider from Tangled
Flynn Rider from Tangled
Photo by Walt Disney Pictures
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Why ‘Tangled’ is One of the Most Underrated Disney Films

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

If you’ve ever seen Tangled, you’ll agree that it is not only one of the most visually pleasing Disney films, but it also has one of the best storylines. Tangled is one of those films that is so easy to fall in love with, which has gained the movie a decent amount of fans. However, the movie is still vastly underrated as it was soon overshadowed by other Disney films such as Frozen. If you haven’t seen Tangled: first of all, I feel sorry for you, but second of all, I’m going to convince you to watch it this weekend.

Tangled has some of the best Disney songs

If you enjoy songs such as “Friend Like Me,” “Be Our Guest,” and “Part of Your World,” you’ll be pleased to know that their composer Alan Menken also scored for Tangled. The ultra-catchy songs in Tangled range from edgy and dark to enchanting and airy, so there’s something for virtually everyone’s music taste. Personally, my favorite song from Tangled is “Mother Knows Best (Reprise),” mainly because the emotion Donna Murphy puts behind the voice of Mother Gothel is incredible.

The boat scene

If you haven’t seen Tangled, I would argue that this scene is safe to watch as it doesn’t contain any major spoilers. The warm mix of gold, purple, royal blue, and pink in this scene makes it one of the most visually pleasing and romantic scenes I have seen in a movie, ever. The boat scene never gets old — I still feel equally as enchanted by it now as I did when Tangled was originally released in 2011. Warning: you may cry.

Rapunzel is basically Anna from Frozen

One of the most beloved Disney characters is Anna from Frozen, but a lot of Disney fans have noticed how Anna is basically Rapunzel, with a bit of added clumsiness. Both Rapunzel and Anna are bubbly, hopeless romantics, overly concerned for those they love, and slightly naïve. Oh, not to mention the fact that they are both deceived into love by someone they deeply trust (I won’t say anything more than that for those who haven’t watched the film). In this sense, Anna is arguably Rapunzel 2.0, so if you love Anna, you’ll love Rapunzel equally as much — or even more!

Flynn Rider is Disney’s funniest romantic interest

There is no debate: Flynn Rider is the funniest, most interesting male romantic interest in the Disney franchise. Having come from a background of theft and neglect from his family, he is a character who turns his trauma and past deeds into humor. This already makes him more complex and 3D than love interests such as Hans or Prince Philip, whose main purpose is to woo the princess. For Flynn Rider, his redemption arc builds his character more strongly around self-growth than the pursuit of a Disney lady.

It has dark themes which makes it more complex

Tangled is probably one of the darkest Disney films, involving gallows, knives, and ropes that are actually used against main characters. If you’re a fan of The Brothers Grimm, you will be pleasantly surprised that this movie adheres more to that dark theme than other Disney movies. In this sense, viewers are always on the edge of their seat, waiting for the impending doom to arrive and questioning whether key characters will survive; whereas in other Disney films, the fate of characters is usually less bleak and more predictable.

We could all use a bit of serotonin in these troubling times, so let’s all make a plan to watch Tangled this weekend.