Which Famous Barnumbia Woman Are You?


It’s no secret that Columbia University has some pretty amazing alumni—as if the University Instagram would ever let us forget. Specifically, Barnumbia has produced a multitude of badass, iconic women in the past century—so take this quiz to find out which Barnumbia woman you most resemble. . .


Your style is best described as. . .

  1. Simple and classic—a lot of black and white

  2. Modern and flattering—form-fitting, simple designs

  3. Rich and colorful—lots of satin and jewel tones

  4. Badass and adventurous—cool pants, eccentric hats

On the weekends, people can find you. . .

  1. Exploring the New York Public Library system

  2. Seeing a comedy show in the Village

  3. At a hidden-gem record store in Brooklyn

  4. Exploring jazz clubs in Harlem

What’s your dream extracurricular position on campus?

  1. Editor in Chief of the Columbia Law Review

  2. Star/writer/director/diva of the Varsity Show

  3. First soprano in Notes and Keys

  4. Writer for the Columbia (Literary) Review

At a party, you’ll be the one. . .

  1. Getting into a spirited debate with strangers—it’s not their fault that they’re wrong!

  2. Being the funniest person in the room—people will get CAVA’d from laughing so hard

  3. Playing the piano in the corner—No piano? No party.

  4. Blending in and talking to new, interesting people before disappearing into the night—wearing a badass hat

What era best describes your vibe?

  1. The 1950s—for the clothes and the milkshakes, not the oppression

  2. I’m a 90s baby forever!

  3. I’m probably an immortal

  4. The 1920s—short haircuts, hemlines, and hell-raising

How will you die?

  1. Defending this nation

  2. Slipping on a spare wig on the ground

  3. Shrapnel from a glass-shattering high note

  4. Being underrated

Okay, let’s be up front on this one: what do you want to be known for?

  1. Dissenting

  2. My Hillary Clinton impression

  3. My musical talent

  4. My writing


Mostly A’s

You guessed it: you’re Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the smartest, most badass woman in the United States. Currently a Supreme Court Justice, the notorious RBG is known for her boundary-breaking law career, including (swoon!) being a professor here at Columbia, and being the best bobblehead out there.


Mostly B’s

You’re either hilarious or just a joke, because you’re most like Kate McKinnon, the funniest person alive. McKinnon acted in the Varsity Show during her time at Columbia, and now stars in the almost as prestigious Saturday Night Live.


Mostly C’s

How many Grammys can you hold? Count em up, because you’re singer-songwriter-record producer-polymath Alicia Keys. Keys signed to her first record label at 15 and hasn’t stopped since, winning 15 Grammy Awards and selling over 40 million albums—including her hit song with Jay-Z “Empire State of Mind,” which was obviously about her time at Columbia.


Mostly D’s

I won’t lie, this one is my personal favorite—you’re acclaimed author and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston. Aside from being a style icon, Hurston pretended to be ten years younger so that she could have access to public education before attending Barnard College. She wrote fiction and nonfiction about the African-American experience, from novels to folklore—including the only recently published The Last Barracoon.