What Is up with ‘Two Sentence Horror Stories’?

Okay, I know I’ve written about the horror genre before, but trust me when I say, this show is different. Even if you’re not a horror movie person, this show might still be for you because, honestly, it really isn’t that scary; it’s more creative than anything else. First, let me give you a bit of backstory. I was scrolling through Netflix one day, as one does, looking for some good, trippy shows to binge when I came across Two Sentence Horror Stories. At first, I was skeptical because I hadn’t heard of it before and the title just seemed a little odd. Nevertheless, I was courageous enough to press play, and boy am I glad I did. Let me tell you about my journey.

Two Sentence Horror Stories has two seasons and each episode is its own story. The episodes are about 15-20 minutes long (so they’re pretty short), but they will most definitely leave you in shock. The shocking factor is that in each episode, they show you one sentence, which typically provides a bit of context for the story they’re about to tell. Then, after the episode is over, they show you the second sentence, hence the “two sentence” part of the name. Basically, they write horror stories based on these two sentences, but you don’t know the second sentence until the story is over; the ball drops at the end of the episode. The concept is ridiculously cool and the reveal of the second sentence always leaves me in complete surprise. The entire course of the episode I try to guess what the second sentence could be, but it’s never what I expect, which makes it so much more interesting. 

You might be wondering how this idea started. Well, I wondered the same thing and did some research for you. Surprisingly enough, this idea started with a Reddit thread. Apparently, in 2013, someone went on Reddit and asked, “What is the best horror story you can come up with in two sentences.” This one question racked up over 15,000 responses, some of which were absolutely terrifying and incredulous two sentence horror stories. Once this Reddit thread started to spread around and get popular, the creators of Two Sentence Horror Stories picked up on it and loved it. One of the creators, Christina Davila, believes that the reason this idea is so catchy and spooky is because of the “one-two punch that they offer.” She even shares a couple of sentences that do this exactly. The first sentence is: “It’s dark and chilly in here.” The second sentence is: “If I had known that before, I would have been cremated instead.” Chilling huh? The entire concept leaves the audience at the edge of their seat, waiting for the second sentence to seal the horror of it all. Now, listen carefully and do as I say. Close this tab, open Netflix, and click on Two Sentence Horror Stories. Shh, I don’t care if you’re scared, the episode is starting!