Weekly Wellness Tip: Remember Why You're Here

Isn't it funny that right after Thanksgiving-- a.k.a. the holiday that brings both Instagram posts with captions like "#grateful" and IRL feelings of happiness and gratitude-- we all seem to snap right back to a gripe-y, woe-is-me attitude? I mean, I'm kinda hoping that's not just me, because if so that makes that opening line perhaps very awkward...

...Anyways. If you're like me, and find yourself succumbing to the frustrations and complaints of daily life once the Thanksgiving table is cleared, you might in a tough spot right now. Staring down the barrel at the last few (albeit packed) weeks until winter vacation, it's difficult to stay motivated and fulfilled by where you're at right now. When I got back to campus this weekend, I was dreading everything from dorm showers to the mountains of work I have to get through before I can start ho-ho-ho-ing back to vacay mode. The night before classes started again, however, something clicked: As I put away the notes and books I'd been working from for the past few hours, I realized that my mind was still buzzing with ideas about what I'd consumed. In that moment, I not only remembered that I am passionate about the subjects I'm studying, but also became overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to live and study in the environment I'm in. Yes, even with the current lack of toilet paper in my hall's bathroom. 

So here's this week's tip: Sometime today, or tomorrow, or everyday this week if you want to, take a minute to remember why you're here. Whether you're a first-year like me who's just trying to figure out how to juggle finals or a recent grad with your first full-time job, make a mental list of the aspects of your situation that make you excited to be there. Once you get started, you'll be surprised by the feelings of thankfulness that explode within you...no mashed potatoes required.