Weekly Wellness Tip: Keep Up the Conversation

Is it just me or have campuses here, there, and everywhere absolutely exploded with talk about finals? Everywhere I go, no matter who I talk to, it seems that the hot topic on everyone's lips is which exams are when, how many hours they spent in the library, how they can't wait for this "season" to be over, and so on. And suddenly, it's as if the moment that are supposed to be relaxing-- like catching up with friends-- are just as draining and stressful as the actual studying. I can't really complain though, because I am for sure guilty as charged in the conversation department. That's why this week I'm challenging myself and all of you to strike up a conversation with someone-- a friend, classmate, TA, your mom-- about something other than exams. Ask your roommate about their plans for winter break, or make plans with your buddies for how you plan to celebrate after your pencils are down. Whatever you end up chatting about, try to enjoy the conversation as a much-needed, even-more-deserved reprieve from the craziness. And remember: We got this!